Easy Haircuts For Men

Men’s short haircuts that don’t require much maintenance can still look stylish and well-groomed. Try a tapered fade (like this Edgar haircut), high skin fade, or Caesar cut with short hair on top to enhance your facial features and show them off to full advantage.

A classic and timeless men’s hairstyle, the crew cut is another timeless and unfussy way to style your locks. Use some product to give it that polished finish!

Military-Style Cut

Unleash this military-inspired look without going through physical training with this easy cut! Both sides and back are completely shaved, leaving just enough unclipped top hair to be styled using quality hair gel. Military recruits frequently sport this classic high and tight style variation, which exudes masculine power. Perfect for curly or wavy hair and often combined with hard parting for added edge.

This comb-over style is an updated take on the military haircut that works great with almost any face shape. Low maintenance requirements make this cut suitable for everyday wear; it is easily brushed back or spiked up for a faux hawk style and works well when combined with a beard or mustache for a fuller look.


A simple yet classic style for men, the shag haircut offers many styling possibilities and should never go out of fashion. Wear it swept to one side for an immaculate appearance, or spike it up for more of an edgier vibe; pair this look with a skin fade for an on-trend aesthetic!

This center-parted style with a wavy or curly fringe suits medium to thick hair. Those with naturally curly or wavy textures can enhance this cut using texturizing spray to accentuate their natural wave or curl pattern. This look suits many face shapes and can even be further customized by adding pops of color for an eye-catching effect. A balayage technique may also be utilized for an ombre look.

Crew Cut

If a classic taper haircut is too smooth for you or a full beard is too complex, try opting for the crew cut instead. This style balances practicality and appearance while offering a clean and fashionable appearance suitable for most facial structures.

A crew cut is a style in which between 1/2 inch and 2 inches of hair remain on top, which can then be styled in various ways – pomp, comb over, or faux hawk style are just a few options that come to mind. Additionally, beards may even be added if desired!

To maintain a polished appearance with your crew cut, apply a small amount of styling cream or strong-hold pomade to damp hair before styling as usual. This will help it hold its shape without falling flat; for curlier textures, this product may also help tame its wild textures for a more polished look.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a short, sharp haircut popular among military personnel. It works exceptionally well on oval or oblong face shapes, giving an illusion of fuller head volume.

Try a taper fade if you want something more sophisticated than your standard buzz cut. This style involves gradually transitioning hair from one length to the next – giving your look more structure than a skin fade would.

An easy-to-maintain style ideal for men with early-onset hair loss, the Mohawk is also perfect for adding some flair. Ask your barber for attractive designs like zig-zags, lines, or diamonds, – or add length by styling with pomade. Additionally, business professionals often opt for this on-trend cut!

Curly Top

For thick curly locks with thick coils, a bald fade is an ideal haircut choice by separating your curly top from its sides with an immaculate style and smooth length transition.

Long curly locks can be challenging to manage, but they look stunning when combined with a sleek, skin-fade haircut. This hairstyle creates a modern mullet style with an eye-catching fringe and can even be easily maintained for those with curly locks.

If time is of the essence, ask your barber to create a subtle ear-to-ear fade haircut. This cut works for any texture and complements beards beautifully. Jaxson Maximus gel or styling moose may help add some volume and shape your curls, leaving you ready for any event or meeting!