Easy Hair Up Hairstyles

Donning an elegant updo is one of the easiest ways to look luxurious! Whether attending an event or simply wanting to look polished, these straightforward hair-up styles will have you looking fantastic in no time!

1. Soft, Messy Twisted Bun

This romantic, twisted side bun is the ideal messy updo for long, thick hair. Keep the look soft and delicate by adding face-framing tendrils or adding volume with texturizing spray.

To achieve the look, gather your hair into a high ponytail and then divide it in two. Weave each section into three-strand braids before pancaking them; be careful not to smooth out their strands for an authentic, messy appearance. Finally, pull both braids up through a ponytail holder – stopping short of removing all their ends through an elastic band!

2. French Braided Half-Up

French braids can add a feminine and sophisticated aesthetic to any ensemble while remaining edgy and cool, depending on how tightly you braid. If full French braids don’t appeal, try half-up versions for something less daunting.

Twist two thicker bunches of hair together and tie them at their roots for an eye-catching half-up hairstyle for casual shopping trips or more formal dinner events. If you have long, wavy locks, try styling a cute face-framing braided crown as the ideal half updo to complement them. It pairs perfectly with flowy midis dresses and sleek stiletto heels!

3. Double Bun

A double bun is an effortless and stylish way to look professional and pulled together, especially on bad hair days! A double bun can cover any kinks or flyaways without breaking your style routine!

An updo can make an effortless look for any special event or celebration. Add more volume for a pompadour style, or switch it up with blonde highlights for something completely different! Natural hair enthusiasts will find this look one of the best ways to showcase its texture. Add an elegant face-framing bang for added femininity.

4. Loose Bun with French Braid

No matter where your day takes you, this updo will keep your locks off your face without being too stiff. Start with a deep side part and braid until it reaches your ear; wrap and pin.

Try this Rodarte-inspired look for a modern, messy updo perfect for fitness chicks! All it requires is a hair donut, bobby pins, texturizing powder, and light-hold hairspray – add a decorative ribbon for extra cuteness!

5. Wrap-Around Braid

This effortless and chic criss-cross wrap braid is ideal for any special event. Perfect for medium to thick hair types, its no heat requirement means there is no risk of damaging strands during styling.

To achieve this look, part your hair on one side and gather a small section at your parting; secure with an elastic. Attach another elastic a few inches below that and pull a team from the bottom through it. As you alternate between groups and wrap them around one another until reaching the ends, secure them with elastics. Remember to spray some hairspray for a long-lasting result!

6. Side Braid

Side braids are an elegant way to elevate any look, making a stunning addition for weddings or everyday use. YouTuber Missy Sue offers you an easy tutorial on the fundamentals.

Start with your hair parted on the right side and cross each outer strand over to cross into the center section; repeat this pattern down your neck until you reach its nape. To achieve an elegant style, use pins or spray to secure any wispy ends and spray your locks with hairspray for extra volume and shine. Add hair gems for some added shimmer!

7. Braided Crown

If you want to look like royalty and feel like one, try this crown braid hairstyle. Start a regular French braid from your front to the nape, tucking it backward after reaching the nape to create fuller and broader braids while hiding any elastic hair ties that might be visible.

This style pairs beautifully with a flouncy maxi dress and makes an eye-catching statement at weddings or proms. To achieve it, start by creating a side parting and dividing your hair into three sections: two sides and a front-to-crown section.