Easy French Braid Hairstyles

There are various styles of French braids you can create with your hair, including these styles for curly locks. They give a classic yet youthful appearance.

Laid-Back French Braid

No matter what name is given, milkmaid braids or French plaits, produce the same striking effect: an elegant yet pretty hairstyle suitable for everyday use as well as special events. For added polish, apply water-based pomade to your braids after they are complete for a truly stylish finish.

This gorgeous look adds an intriguing element of texture and dimension to the classic dutch French braid. To achieve it, begin with three smaller French braids on one side of your head; when one of them reaches the back of the head, add additional strands from the side and continue as usual – this will add density and make the braid stand out more. Repeat on the other side before tying both braids together at the back; or for an alternative casual look, leave loose at the bottom of the head.

Twisted French Braid

This braid has an elegant vintage style that goes well with almost all outfits. It works best on medium-length locks but can also be altered for longer locks if necessary. Additionally, this style makes an excellent choice for bridesmaids wanting a stylish yet sophisticated look for their special day.

To achieve this look, begin by parting a section of hair near the crown and braiding it as you would for a regular French braid – but as you braid the right strand, twist it around the middle strand and left strand, creating an intricate rope braid full of texture! Once you’ve mastered rope braiding, try adding color. It’s simple and will give your style an eye-catching flair; simply add colorful clips or bows for an added special touch! Plus, it allows you to show your personality while changing up colors whenever it suits!

Chignon Bun

If you like classic updos but want something with extra edge, this chignon style may be for you. To achieve it, first create a loose ponytail before weaving a zigzag Dutch braid around its base and finishing off the look with face-framing pieces for an added touch of elegance. Add hair pins for an informal yet classy take on this updo – it will create an illusion that the chignon has only recently come together – ideal for any event! Add romantic details to this look by using flower hairpins. Simply place them along the edge of your chignon, making sure that strands from both the bun and scalp are caught between each pin – giving dimension and making your style stand out! If you don’t have flower pins available to you, regular bobby pins work just as effectively or you could add TONI