Easy Buns For Medium Hair

Even if your hair won’t stay in a high bun like a ballerina’s does, you can still rock this style by placing your locks into a low bun – perfect for special events like cocktail parties. This updo works best with second-day, unwashed hair; start with dry texturizing spray to tame flyaways before teasing your ponytail to add volume.

Messy French Roll

TikToker @lucytan21 elevates the soft sophistication of a French bun with this delicate updo. She plaits her hair to the base of her crown before using an upside-down French pin to keep everything together – before picking out face-framing tendrils as an elegant finishing touch. Simply chic, this effortless bun for medium hair exudes a gypsy vibe with loose strands of rebellious hair flowing freely on either side. Apply some Schwarzkopf Taft Keratin Hair Spray to keep those stray pieces at bay, and you’re set for casual outings.

Low Bun

Low buns are an effortless and practical hairstyle ideal for keeping locks out of the way while working out or running errands in scorching summer weather. Meghan even wore this style at her royal wedding! To achieve it yourself, divide your hair into four sections; temporarily clip each section, then style each section by wrapping it around its ponytail base and securing it with bobby pins. First, pull back a selection of front hair across your face and coil it into a loose back bun for an extra-pretty finish. Please repeat this step with each of your uncoiled front sections before spraying dry texturizing spray onto them and securing them with bobby pins for an effortlessly chic updo look. Add cute hair accessories to your messy bun for an instantaneous boost in look and confidence! Try adding a headband, bun cuff, or hairpins as the finishing touch to elevate this updo with flair.

Braided Updo

A sleek half topknot can look as chic and effortless as a loose ponytail secured with a scrunchie, or try adding a twisted braided version for something that feels more 90s yet still polished enough for work or an important event. Add color with colorful hair clips or floral headpieces for added flair! This easy updo for medium hair is sure to please. Try this elegant updo for medium hair that appears straight out of a romance novel for a formal style. Curling each strand around a barrel wand is the key to making this romantic-looking chignon. Once completed, gather it into an effortless soft textured chignon! Bring any loose strands together using U-pins and finish this stunning look with a light spray of hairspray for a sophisticated and eye-catching style, ideal for formal events like holiday parties, weddings, and other formal gatherings. Plus, it shows off any natural highlights on blonde locks!

Twisted French Braid

Keeping your hair up can be fun, so try this cute and casual style for something different. Start with a low ponytail, braid it, then gently unbraid some face-framing tendrils for an untidy and unstructured effect. Secure with U-pins before finishing it off with some hairspray for a lasting hold. A twisted French braid is ideal for demonstrating your braiding abilities without creating too much structure in your hairstyle. To achieve this look, start by gathering your locks into a high ponytail and dividing them into two even sections before picking each team and braiding in turn, twisting its strands over each other into an iconic French braid pattern.