Easy Braided Hairstyles Black Women Will Love

Braids are one of the best ways to protect your hair from heat styling tools and other potential threats, while adding an eye-catching element to any look.

Cornrow braids with creative parting patterns are an eye-catching look, while thick and thin Ghana braids alternating thick and thin can add another unique edge to this style.

Fulani Braid

If you’re searching for an elegant yet daring braided hairstyle, the Fulani Braid could be just what you’ve been searching for. This stunning style combines a top ponytail with loose cascading braids for an eye-catching protective style suitable for any special occasion.

To achieve it yourself, create a high ponytail before proceeding. With your hair in a curved parting, use braiding techniques to braid one side of your hair down towards your neck. Once this step has been accomplished, twist these braids into low-side buns for a completed look.

Add an eye-catching element to this style with vibrant hair colors like purple. Doing this will add brightness to your locks while allowing you to customize the look by adding beads or gold hair accessories that match your outfit. For added visual interest, why also add a zig-zag pattern?

Half-Up Half-Down Braids

Half-up half, down braids are an attractive style for black women, giving off a chic yet glamorous look that complements most facial structures. Perfect for all events from proms to casual weekend hangouts with friends – both long and short hair can be styled into this chic braid style!

Take Kerry Washington’s example and sweep your long box braids to one side of your head, creating an eye-catching effect with loose waves, as demonstrated by Laura Harrier, or pin up your strands with hair gems to add an eye-catching splash of color!

Combining bantu knots and half-up hair styling for an exquisite and captivating style is an elegant, stunning way to wear medium to long hair, with its seamless and chic aesthetic reminiscent of elegant braids or plaits. Additionally, its small intertwined sections create a natural ombre appearance.

Twisted Braids

Try these short blue string braids for a stylish yet girly look. It features beautiful colors with twisty roots for an eye-catching style that requires no bun or ponytail tie-up! Furthermore, this hairstyle requires little maintenance as no backup is necessary.

Twisted braids are an effective way to add length to your locks without much tension, making them suitable for sensitive scalps or frail locks as they don’t require as much pressure for firmness. But these twists may unravel, so to protect the twists before wrapping them up, use curl cream to coat each one individually before you secure them with elastic.

These stunning twist braids feature long, amazing-looking twist braids spaced evenly throughout their box partitions and look natural. Their earth-tone braids blend beautifully with natural hair, creating this gorgeous style that holds up like a crown. This style is ideal for casual or formal events alike. It is easily accomplished by simply separating two small sections from the front of your hair and twisting them around each other, then rolling them toward the back before securing them with hair elastics for an instantaneous style that looks flawless!

Spiral Braids

This stunning braiding style may be for you if you want to give your look an eye-catching, sensuous edge. Easy and versatile enough for any event or special occasion. Add beads for an added splash of interest.

If braiding isn’t your tea, consider trying a classic bob. This ‘ do is sure to turn heads, perfect for short, thick black hair and stylish enough to tie a bandana around it to complete the look.

First, detangle and divide your hair into two equal sections to create this stunning style. Next, begin braiding the left section by taking thin strands from it and flipping them over onto the right team – repeat this process until all hair has been completed and secured with elastic. Congratulations – now enjoy your masterpiece!