Easy African American Hairstyles

1. Tapered Pixie Cut with Deep Side Part and Full Bangs

This low-maintenance hairstyle draws attention to your face while remaining easy to maintain. Ask your stylist for recommendations on curl-defining products.

2. Elegant Puff

Try this simple and beautiful hairstyle regardless of your natural hair length. It is less protective but still stunning.

3. Twisted French Bun

This protective style is ideal for black women with natural curls and helps protect edges prone to breakage. The flat twist detail on top adds a modern touch to a pinup style.

4. Modified Afro

Featuring a deep side part and laid edges, this hairstyle accentuates kinky coils and gives a unique twist to the timeless Afro look. The flat twist detail around the hairline adds flair and protects strands.

5. Bubble Braid

This adorable protective style combines thick braids with soft twists for shorter natural hair. It complements any outfit and is particularly suited for African-American women. Use teasing and hairspray for added waves and hold.

6. Low Ponytail

It’s a great way to maintain volume and control for thick, curly locks. This natural hairstyle combines flat twists in the back with wild ringlets on top, creating a striking and tomboyish look.

7. Afro with Bangs

This short afro style with bangs offers a refined and polished appearance, perfect for casual and elegant occasions. Try protective styles like space buns or finger coils with eye-catching bangs.

8. Bantu Knots

These elegant and fashionable knots add flair and color to curly locks. Keep your locks fresh with a sulfate-free shampoo to achieve the best results. Dress accordingly when wearing African attire to respect cultural significance.

9. Flat Twist Updo

Flat twists are a protective style that helps achieve fuller curls without heat. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and sleep on and includes a flat twist detail in the front to protect and tame edges. Perfect for formal occasions.

10. Long Bangs

Enhance pigtail braids with beaded accents or braiding toward the sides for an elegant look. This cute and low-maintenance hairstyle frames the face with trimmed sides, triangular sideburns, and long bangs for black women with small foreheads.

11. Twist Out Curls

For a change from natural curls, try this eye-catching twist-out style. Maintain the look with regular trims and hair gloss for full, vibrant, and healthy-looking rings.

12. Bantu Knots with Bangs

This adorable Bantu knot style gives a retro princess look. Use flat twists towards the crown of the head and finish with long bangs. Preserve the curls using leave-in conditioner, quality hairspray, and protective covering at night.