Salon Treatments for Dying Your Hair Gray

Many women don’t yet want to transition entirely to silver hair color; salon treatments may help hide harsh lines of demarcation and make their transition seamless.

Choosing a Shade

Finding the ideal shade of gray dye can be tricky when dealing with multiple gray hairs or all-gray locks. Look for colors specifically tailored to cover gray hair, as they contain higher ammonia levels for better coverage. Cool-toned shades like ash brown or blonde can give a subtle but chic silvery effect. Use purple shampoo to minimize brassiness when going lighter.

Preparing Your Hair

Gray hair can be stunning, but there are options if you want to hide it. Highlights can blend gray into your current color, or try demi color for a lighter, less opaque option. Use a toning purple-hued shampoo to keep your grays shiny and healthy. Avoid shampooing on the day of coloring to protect against irritation and deep condition for silkier locks.

Applying the Dye

Make sure your hair is dry before applying dye. Work in small sections to prevent staining and make application easier. Follow the directions carefully, and use toner after bleaching to maintain your desired shade. Touch-ups may be needed every four weeks. Use a shampoo formulated for silver hair and protect your skin with lip balm during dyeing.

Washing Your Hair

Gray hair tends to be dry, so use a gentle shampoo with rose, bergamot, and violet extracts to keep it smooth and hydrated. Toning shampoos can prevent dullness and brassiness. Avoid washing your hair immediately after dyeing to allow the color to set. Leaving out soaking for 24 hours after dyeing can enhance the vibrancy of the paint.