How to Go About Dyeing Hair Black Male

Dying your hair black can be a delicate process that could prove damaging if done incorrectly, yet there are steps you can take to minimize damage and ensure maximum effectiveness.

Read and Follow Instructions

First, read and follow all instructions provided in the box carefully.

Use Strengthening and Nourishing Products

It is also vital that products that strengthen and nourish your strands can help to avoid breakage.

True Sons Hair Dye Foam

Foam-based dye is designed to lather like shaving cream, making it simple and mess-free to perform DIY touch-ups without hassle or fuss. Just apply to hair, beard, or body (it works on all three) then rinse – for a subtle result that blends the grays instead of looking overprocessed or artificial. It comes in seven shades ranging from ginger and blonde to brown-black and is specifically tailored for men of color with textured hair – so there won’t be any risk of drying out your strands or leaving them feeling irritated! True Sons founder John Stewart was inspired to develop his hair dye after seeing how cheap drugstore products produced artificial, shoe polish-esque results. Working closely with a chemist, they created a demi-permanent formula that provides quick and effortless coloring results, making True Sons one of the fastest-acting, user-friendly demi-permanent recipes available today.

Goldwell For Men Reshade Grey Blending Power Shot

Men’s Reshade makes turning back the clock on grey hair more manageable, faster, and more natural-looking than ever before and offers superior transparent grey blending in five minutes at the shampoo bowl using an easy foam consistency that feels like a spa service, resulting in a natural-looking fade-resistant color without unnatural tint or reddish tones. Goldwell For Men Reshade Grey Blending Power Shot comes in various cool styles that suit most masculine aesthetics and is ammonia-free, perfect for covering gray hairs without leaving unnatural-looking color fadeout. Furthermore, this product provides a transparent reduction of grey hairs, leaving hair looking rejuvenated and refreshed when used regularly without looking unnatural over time. For optimal results, combine this product with Goldwell Men Reshade developer concentrate. Combine equal parts of both in an applicator bottle before applying directly onto the hair for five minutes without heat processing.

Bigen Hair Dye

Bigen hair dye is a semi-permanent solution to permanent and temporary color that doesn’t use harsh chemicals like peroxide and ammonia; instead, it lightens the cuticle so color can deposit. But remember: any hair dye may cause damage if not used appropriately. Notably, Bigen hair dye does not contain ammonia but still has an unpleasant odor when mixed with metal bowls or spoons; doing so would hinder its chemical reaction process and cause irreparable harm. Bigen EZ color for men effectively covers gray in both the hair and beard without staining skin or dripping onto clothes or surfaces. Application is quick: simply comb into hair or beard before waiting 10 minutes before rinsing off with water.