Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Dutch braids are an elegant way to elevate any casual ensemble, as well as being suitable for formal events. Begin by creating a side parting. Next, start doing a regular three-strand braid while weaving in new side sections as you work. Once you reach the nape of your neck, switch to a Dutch braid and add new side sections as you weave.

Faux Hawk

Create this stunning faux hawk dutch braid hairstyle for an eye-catching and romantic look perfect for special occasions. Assemble five sections of hair using sectioning clips. Braid the first section starting near one of your ears into a Dutch braid, adding more hair as you braid – for an undercut effect! Make sure the braids are tight to your scalp to achieve this look. Continue the pattern on the remaining four sections. Don’t worry if some strands slip out – that adds character and dimension to this hairstyle! This style looks lovely on women with black hair. It’s the ideal way to highlight natural color without adding highlights or treatments, while still remaining elegant and chic. Additionally, this look can help bridge edgy and elegant styles seamlessly.

Four Dutch Braids

As with other braiding techniques, the Dutch braid can be tailored to create different styles. One especially beautiful variation combines classic dutch braids with fishtail braids for an eye-catching and feminine look suitable for any occasion. Start by sectioning off your hair into three equal sections and braiding. Take the right strand, crossing it under the middle strand; do this again for the left one and keep adding hair as you go, crossing each new one under the middle until you reach your nape of neck where you switch to regular three-strand braid. For an alternative take on this style, allow the hair near your ears to droop slightly before weaving it into the braid. This will give it more romantic flair while pancaking it will give an illusion of fuller and voluminous braids – try Dove Refresh Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo to achieve this look!

Dutch Braid Crown

Upgrade your standard ballerina bun for more formal occasions by enhancing it with a Dutch braid crown wrapped around it. It looks especially pretty when decorated with hair accessories such as small rosebuds or jasmine flowers to create an extravagant effect, making you feel elegant and beautiful at events such as bridal showers. This hairstyle will have everyone talking! Part your hair deep on one side and begin weaving a Dutch braid, adding new strands as you go. When your braid has reached your ear, unclip half of your hair and create a regular fishtail braid from it. Add two side braids together into a low ponytail for an enchanting princess look, complete with long shimmery earrings to complete it. This cute yet simple style works for casual events as well.

Dutch Braid Rose Bun

This Dutch braid hairstyle may look complex, but it’s actually an easy and straightforward way to achieve an elegant updo. Start by starting with dry locks free from tangles before misting TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day Thickening Spray through them for added texture and grip. Part the hair on the left side of your head and gather three small sections for Dutch braiding, beginning on the heavy side of your part by crossing first the right and then the left strand under the center strands. Braid this way until reaching the heavy end. Once you reach the top of your head, bring both side strands together at the center of your forehead to meet. Add extra strands from each of your two other sections as necessary and repeat this process until a thick Dutch braid forms.