Creating Perfect Long Hair With Dry Straight hai

The most romantic way to create instant long length is with a touch of luxury wallpaper. With just a couple of steps you’ll have perfect curly waves ready in minutes! Simply transfer your wet hair into a spray bottle, and spray into your palm. Rub the damp hair around your palms until the strands are smooth and set, then close your hands and start curling. Placing the towel over your head will help keep the hair from sliding down onto the floor.

Dry straight styles are one of the trendiest styles right now, and they are easy to achieve. Here’s how to do it… Step 1: If you don’t have naturally wavy hair, start with a low moisture style such as an elfin cut. Blow dry that from the roots to mid-point, and then run your fingers through that to lift the rest. Once finished, apply some spritz to seal and give that a super soft finish!