Dream Girls Hair Salon

Tonya Thompson and Sharie Wilson, sister professional hairstylists and entrepreneurs, created DreamGirls Salon and Natural hair Care Line. They aim to disprove the myth that black women cannot grow long, healthy, natural hair.

Lessons from Their First Year:

Recently, we talked with Tonya Thompson and Sharie Wilson about their business and the key lessons they learned during their inaugural year in business.


DreamGirls Salon offers a full range of services, including trims, new colors, and relaxing treatments to make you look and feel your best!


L.B Gaiters (Associate Producer):

L.B Gaiters is an Associate Producer active in Nashville’s theatre scene since 1997. She has been involved in various productions, showcasing her talent as an actress and stage manager.

Hair Color:

When choosing hair color, it’s essential to select something that looks great and lasts. Avoid brassy or dull locks by using a clarifying treatment before dyeing your hair and minimizing frequent washing to retain moisture.


hair Extensions:

hair extensions can provide the solution to achieving long and voluminous locks. They come in various colors and shades to match your natural hair color.


Spa Day:

Arranging a spa day can be the perfect gift to help someone unwind and relax. Manicures and pedicures not only improve the appearance of the nails but also provide several health benefits.