Dreadlock Updo Hairstyles

Medium Length Dreadlocks

Let your dreads shine with this ultra-chic style! To achieve it, part your dreads down the middle and style them like curls for an eye-catching Medusa effect. This look works best on medium-length dreadlocks.

Craft a faux hawk using your dreadlocks and pair it with a frontal bun or petaled bangs for an eye-catching formal event look that will turn heads! This look can make you stand out in any crowd.

Medium-length dreadlocks are an incredibly versatile look that can be styled in various ways. From pulling them back in a ponytail or bun to leaving them hanging down past your shoulders – medium-length dreadlocks offer many ways to express yourself through hair! No matter which way they’re worn, dreadlocks provide the opportunity to showcase both personality and style!

One of the easiest and most attractive ways to wear medium-length dreadlocks is in a top knot hairstyle, which makes for easy everyday wear or special events. Additionally, this look can give a fun and playful look for special occasions!

Add twists for an eye-catching and elegant style, perfect for formal events. Add beads or threads for a boho flair, making this style suitable for going out with friends or attending weddings. This look works for all occasions!

Long Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks have an elegant and classic appearance, yet are comfortable and natural to wear. Dreadlocks also convey an air of authenticity and groundedness when worn; there is nothing quite so grounding as loc styles! Dreadlocks come in various shapes, designs, and colors – therefore, using appropriate products to maintain and color them properly is vitally important.

Trying out green dye will add extra pop to your dreadlocks and turn heads! Use either dyeing products or tint your locs with a brush; keep in mind, however, that thicker hair takes more time to dye than thin hair does.

Add an eye-catching modern edge to your long dreads by creating a cornrow style and braiding them into locs for a stunning contemporary look. This style is popular among Black women and an excellent way to show off your unique style!

Crinkle dreadlocks offer a funky twist to traditional braid styles, creating adorable kinks and waves in your locks. Simple to make, they look fantastic with any look. To achieve the style, braid your locs until dry or use perm rods or pipe cleaners to achieve similar effects.

Long dreadlocks are an iconic look that requires patience, yet their rewards speak for themselves. Long dreadlocks create a bold and regal appearance, making you stand out. To complete the look, add a low or mid-fade hairstyle.

Space Buns

Space buns are another easy medium-length dreadlocks hairstyle, giving a youthful vibe with minimal upkeep required. Wear it as a whole or half updo for an eye-catching updo that pairs beautifully with scrunchies. Or go retro and opt for cornrows from their 90s popularity boom that are now making a comeback!


How you wear your hair speaks volumes about both your personality and confidence. From loose to tight dreads, this versatile hairstyle is sure to impress. Here are our favorite ways to rock this look.

Adding color can do just that if you want to give your dreads more dimension. Doing this will lighten and heighten their visibility while drawing attention to their length and thickness. Natural options like blonde or caramel hues could work, while more exotic ones like pink can add flair!

An easy and stylish way to wear dreadlocks, this large, relaxed bun style pairs beautifully with fades and colorful strands for an eye-catching casual daytime look that shows your sense of fashion. Add extra sexiness by including beads or jewelry!