Updo Hairstyles For Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a striking and distinctive style that can add lots of drama and flair to any look. Slick back into a neat bun or pin-up into an undone style for an irresistibly Medusa-esque aesthetic; this look has many styling possibilities! Dreadlocks can also be braided to add unique textures. Furthermore, you can even dye your locks to achieve an eye-catching color palette.


Short dreadlocks can still look stylish when worn tied in a half-updo, which is also easy to maintain if regularly washed with shampoo free from residues. Use dreadlock wax to keep your dreads in place throughout the day and help preserve their shape without drying out your locks too quickly. This will also keep them looking their best! Create an elegant and eye-catching style by styling your dreads into a pompadour using your dreads for formal events. This hairstyle looks good on both black and white men and helps stand out from the crowd.


Side-swept hairstyles allow you to show off your dreads while remaining neat and tidy. No matter whether your locks are short or long, this look works for any event! An understated quiff can add a stylish edge to your side-swept hairstyle, providing the perfect solution if you want to appear stylish without resorting to elaborate updos. Slick back with skin fade is another simple yet striking way to show off your dreadlocks, perfect if you don’t have time or the patience for intricate braiding styles yet want a refined appearance for work or formal events.


The Mohawk is a timeless look beloved by both Native Americans and punk rock stars alike. To achieve it, your hair must be formed into small Bantu knots made famous by Zulu tribes in South Africa; these tiny knots symbolise pride and power. Add an eye-catching flair to this style by adding a high skin fade fade on either side of your head – an effective way to showcase both dreadlocks and facial features! Add an eye-catching flair by dyeing your dreadlocks pink – this hue signifies femininity and makes a strong statement that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye!

Shaggy Bun

If the full head of dreadlocks feels too overwhelming for you, try opting for a unique and creative woven style like this one instead. This woven style features tight coils of pink synthetic hair for an eye-catching and fun appearance. Pull your dreadlocks up into a high bun for an elegant appearance – perfect for formal events like a wedding or interview! This style also makes a statement! This look demonstrates how dreadlocks can still look chic and stylish even at short lengths. Combining a fade and ponytail, this chic style showcases tightly twisted dreadlocks in an easy to manage style that shows off creativity and looks great on anyone.

Tousled Ponytail

Short dreadlock hairstyles make styling your dreads into fun updos much simpler. Try styling bob or short pony, criss-cross half updo or tousled ponytail that add height and texture to the crown of your head for great results. Enhance the classic ponytail for formal events with this elegant style, guaranteed to impress and dazzle, whether your fade is high or low. This look features twists in the back with loose coils in front, creating an impressive pineapple updo that exudes fun and flirtiness – an ideal style for women with both wavy and curly locks!

Faux Dreads

Faux dreads offer an alternative to traditional locs by being crocheted onto natural strands of hair in order to form a fashionable protective style. Requiring less maintenance than true locs, faux dreads can also be removed more easily when it’s time to let them grow out. Accessorize your faux dreads with colorful beads or gold wire for an eye-catching addition that doesn’t cost too much in hair appointments. This can add an elegant flair without breaking the bank on professional styling sessions. Create an eye-catching style perfect for summer with this pineapple half-up ponytail featuring jumbo kinky dreads. This captivating and eye-catching look suits sassy women with vibrant personalities who like to stand out.