Dramatic Hair Color Trends

Dramatic hair color can completely transform your appearance – and even alter how others view you!

Changes to your hair color should only be undertaken with professional guidance from an experienced stylist.

Mistakes made when dyeing can be costly to correct, so do your homework beforehand!

Goldwell Colorance demi permanent hair color 6RR@PK Dramatic Red @ Pink is a brilliant choice for creating dramatic hues in the hair.


If you love dramatic colors, ombre is for you.

This subtle look features two contrasting colors mixed gradually on the lower portion of your mane to add texture and thickness without creating harsh lines of demarcation between colors.

Furthermore, its low maintenance requirements mean less frequent touch-ups!

If your hair color already features an ombre style, adding bright fashion hues can create an ultra-feminine and eye-catching finish.

Katy Perry showcases this look perfectly by pairing her cotton candy lilac ombre with dark raspberry roots that gradually transition into pastel pink strands.

For those wanting a subtler version of an ombre effect, subtle ombre is an alternative technique similar to but less noticeable than its counterpart ombre.

Sombre (short for subtle ombre) can give a beautiful lightening effect to brunettes looking to lighten their locks without over-dyeing them with dip-dye dip-dyed hues – it even looks fantastic paired with soft highlights!

Shadow Roots

Shadow roots are an easy, low-maintenance color technique that offers an excellent alternative to ombre or balayage.

They create a smooth blurred transition from dark roots to light length and look great with all-natural hair shades.

Perfect for subtle camouflaging of gray regrowth, more natural gradations, or adding volume at the roots – shadow roots are sure to please any client!

Shadow root color can also simplify life for clients as it doesn’t require frequent dying sessions – giving more wiggle room between coloring appointments and saving money in the long run.

To create this style, apply a lightener at least two levels lighter than your client’s existing color to achieve dimension and soft contrast.

Next, use a balayage technique to paint in a lighter shade throughout mid-lengths and ends using a cool neutralizer and comb out as necessary to avoid brassiness.

Rose Gold

Rose gold combines sparkling blonde and pink tones for a sophisticated yet soft and inviting appearance.

Perfect for blondes seeking to switch up their color without bleaching to darker tones, brunettes can also sport this trend with deep auburn or reddish tones for an exciting and eye-catching effect.

To achieve accurate rose gold tones on dark blonde hair, pre-lightening to a level 9 may be necessary.

While not necessary for all rose gold hair color styles, bolder hues tend to pop more when their base colors have already been lightened up a few levels.

Rose gold hair color pairs light blonde roots with peachy rose pink highlights for a lovely contrast that works on all skin tones and adds drama and femininity to any haircut.

Rose gold works exceptionally well on wavy locks as its movement brings out multi-toned color tones to produce an exquisite and feminine style that complements any face shape.