5 Dope hairstyles For Men

Whether you want to make a bold style statement, or if you’re looking to cover up a V-hairline, dope haircuts are for you. From short sides to long tresses, these looks have something for everyone. And, the best part? They are surprisingly easy to achieve at home. Here are 5 hairstyles for men that are sure to turn heads! Here, you’ll discover the best trends for men in 2018.



Dope haircuts are incredibly important in men’s life. They’re one of the first things a person sees, so having the best one is vital. Here are 10 hairstyles that men need to wear to stay on top of their game. You can follow these men on social media for a daily dose of inspirational haircut videos. And don’t forget to check out our bonus content for more great ideas! To keep yourself inspired, follow us on Facebook or Instagram!


Dope haircuts will make you look better and boost your confidence level! Whether you have straight hair or a mohawk, you can wear any style with a dope haircut! A contrasting color will make the dreadlocks pop. Short sides will hide your V-hairline and help mask a pronounced V-shape. Hairstyles aren’t just about fashion anymore – they can also help men improve their overall self-esteem.

Razored designs


Razored dope haircut designs are great for a number of reasons. First of all, they can make you look sexy no matter where you go! They have a wide range of styles, including fades, asymmetrical cuts, and Pompadours. Color plays an important part in getting the perfect dope haircut, so if you’re not sure about your current shade, visit a colorist for a consultation.



For a dope haircut, choose a pompadour. A pompadour fits both angular and rounded faces. If you’re considering a pompadour as your next cut, you should first consult with a stylist to ensure that the style is right for you. Here are some ways to make your pompadour look as dope as possible:


First, find a barber who knows how to cut a pompadour. An older barber will be more familiar with this type of hairstyle than younger barbers. Otherwise, a regular barber can cut your top and sides. After the cut, make sure your hair is clean. If you have dry hair, try using a moisturizing shampoo that sinks into your scalp and does its magic. Then, follow up with a nourishing conditioner.

Asymmetrical cuts


Asymmetrical dope haircuts are an excellent choice for a more edgy look. These haircuts have an edge, and they suit a variety of face shapes and hair types. These cuts also work well with black hair. A side-swept fringe is a perfect accent to a layered dope cut. To add to the versatility of this style, you can use blonde highlights to spice up your dope. Texturizing sprays will also add dimension and texture to your hair.


Asymmetrical dope haircuts can be subtle or overtly edgy. These haircuts are great for young guys who want to look cool and stylish. Oftentimes, these styles are complemented by rounded glasses. You can get away with wearing a simple comb-over if you have fair skin and a ginger hair color. You do not have to have a perfect dope haircut to look cool; a slightly messy top style can be more appealing.



A mustache-inspired hairstyle needs to be subdued and subtle. Most guys obsessed with their facial hair want to look cool, but that doesn’t mean they need to sacrifice style. For best effect, keep the front portion of your hair long and gel it back for a retro look. The retro hairstyle is suitable for men over 40. This style has become popular over the past few years and will definitely give you a cool look this season.


Dope haircuts for men with a mustache can look a lot cooler than usual. Those with a mustache should get a side part or a stubble beard to make the whole look more pronounced. A side part haircut is perfect for men with a beard, but a mustache should be at the top of the hairline. The mustache should be well-trimmed and well-groomed. For those with curly hair, a mohawk haircut will look great. It features tapered sides and dyed top hair.