Donna Bella Hair Wants to Know Your Best-Kept hair Extension Secrets

Stylists worldwide are eager to hear your best-kept hair extension secrets, whether that means product tips, customer service ideas, or application methods that create runway looks for clients. You can share them by contributing to Donna Bella Hair’s blog.

Donna Bella hair offers various forms of extensions. Kera-Link extensions are the most sought-after form, as their strand-by-strand method seamlessly blends in with the client’s natural hair. Stylists and clients adore this technique for its natural, long-term results and customizable style options.

This technique involves the application of small, flat, square-shaped keratin bonds fused directly onto each strand of the client’s natural hair. The keratin bonds, made from 100% Remy human hair, are heated and shaped around each strand for secure, long-term attachment. This method is ideal for women with fine or thin hair and those experiencing hair loss.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

hair extensions offer an affordable and accessible way to add length and volume. Donna Bella Hair offers flat-tip tape-in extensions that seamlessly blend with natural hair and are easy to maintain. These extensions use a unique adhesive that can be removed without damaging the hair.

Installing tape-in extensions involves applying small sections of hair with tape-ins to each quarter-inch area. A second tape is applied on top, creating more density. Donna Bella’s tape-in bond remover ensures quick, damage-free video and adhesive removal.

I-Link hair extensions provide an effortless installation option using an easy beaded method. Donna Bella offers 100% Remy human hair I-Link extensions with clear keratin bonds that blend seamlessly into each strand. These extensions can be customized to meet the client’s specifications.

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in extensions offer an effortless solution for increasing volume and adding length without the commitment of permanent solutions. They work well with straight or wavy hair of all densities and do not require heat or glue for installation.

To achieve flawless blending, tease the roots before applying clip-in wefts. Ensure the clips are placed below the parietal ridge for easy concealment. Proper care, including regular brushing and storing upright, can extend the lifespan of clip-in extensions.

Shampoo the clip-in extensions 2-3 times weekly using sulfate-free products like Pantene to keep them looking gorgeous.