Top 5 Doll Hairstyles

Doll Hair Materials

Doll hair comes in different materials – natural and synthetic human hair are readily available.

Front Fringes

For dolls with medium-length bronze hair, try giving them a playful and unique look with front fringes. This style is simple to create and looks striking.

Pixie Braids

Minimal maintenance is required for this adorable hairstyle, making it perfect for casual days out. Regular brushing and misting can help control frizz and knots. It can be worn year-round.

Retro Hairstyle

A curling iron can create shapely curls for a retro hairstyle. Adding color gives a modern twist. An asymmetrical victory roll with a hair clip creates a full flapper girl effect. This hairstyle pairs well with a bandana and red lipstick.

French Braids

Pink French braids are stylish for special events and occasions. Brush through the doll’s hair to untangle it. Divide the hair into three sections and create traditional braids on both sides.

Low Ponytail

An effortless low ponytail hairstyle is suitable for women of all ages and seasons, and it looks fantastic with fancy wedding attire. Use a boar bristle brush to detangle the hair, then secure it with an elastic at the neck’s nape.

Party Hairstyle

Sleek hair is an elegant style perfect for formal parties. Use a clear elastic hair tie, bobby pins, and light hairspray to achieve this sophisticated look. It suits girls with long locks, especially with tiaras or strapless dresses.


For dolls with long and thick locks, divide the hair into sections and twist each braid individually to wrap around the head. Crisscross ponytails are a simple yet intricate-looking style.

Long Side Ponytail

An effortless side ponytail adds romance and elegance. Curl the hair for an authentic appearance. Combine it with a stylish hat for a charming look.

Fishtail Braid

A fashionable braid that keeps the doll’s hair out of her face. Part the hair and smooth out flyaways. Section off the hair and create a fishtail braid by crossing small pencil-sized areas from one side to the other.