Does Hair Growth Shampoo Work?

hair growth shampoos are designed to help you grow thicker, fuller hair. Their ingredients promote blood flow to the scalp and stimulate hair follicles for maximum effectiveness. However, they will not cause your hair to grow faster; genetics, hormones, health, and age all play a part. Trichologist Bridgette Hill previously spoke with Cosmo and revealed the facts on hair growth.

T/Sal – An Effective hair Growth Shampoo

If you’re searching for an effective hair growth shampoo, try Neutrogena’s T/Sal. It contains coal tar, which has proven highly effective at treating conditions like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis on the scalp. Apply a dime-sized amount, massage it into your scalp, and rinse out afterward. T/Sal is known for its appealing fragrance and requires no technical knowledge or skills.

Both T Gel and T Sal are popular among users, but choosing the product best suited to your scalp condition is essential. While both can help manage dandruff, dryness, and itching, neither treatment is a cure for hair loss. If your condition worsens significantly, it might be worth consulting a dermatologist to find an ideal product to address it.

Dove – Affordable and Effective Hair Product

Dove shampoo is an affordable and effective hair product designed to reduce the risk of hair loss. It is constructed using quality ingredients that optimize scalp health and promote hair growth. Dove shampoo is free from harmful sulfates that could compromise hair integrity, making it a safe choice that won’t damage your hair further. For individuals with sensitive skin, selecting a sulfate-free variant is advised to avoid dry and itchy scalps. Look for a sulfate-free formula containing glycerin to relieve itchy or flaky scalp issues.

OGX – Nutritional Ingredients and Controversy

OGX is known for its nutritional ingredients and widespread availability in drugstores. While popular among celebrities, OGX is currently facing a class-action lawsuit alleging an element to be responsible for hair loss. OGX products contain DMDM hydantoin as a preservative, which produces small amounts of formaldehyde over time and may trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. It is recommended to use OGX products only if necessary, as prolonged use may lead to mold growth. The company is taking steps to phase out DMDM hydantoin from its products to address these concerns.

In addition, OGX products contain sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates (SLS), silicones, and octinoxate, which may dry out hair and scalp and disrupt hormone production. However, the company is making efforts to rectify these issues.

Blu Atlas – Quality Skincare Products

Blu Atlas offers quality skincare products specifically designed for men. Their lineup includes a cleanser, moisturizing cream, and anti-aging eye stick that work together as an efficient skincare regimen. These products use natural ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice, and lactobacillus ferment filtrate to provide soothing benefits to skin and hair. Resveratrol, found in Blu Atlas products, supports healthy hair follicles and relieves dry, itchy scalps. Their shampoo contains jojoba oil to nourish strands and reduce breakage.

Blu Atlas products are available both offline and online through retailers like Walmart, as well as through a subscription service. Subscribing to their products can also help you save money!