Do it Yourself Hair Clippers

Haircuts at barbershops can be costly; to save money and look fantastic at home you should learn to cut your own hair yourself. By cutting it yourself at home you’ll save both money and look fabulous. All you need are quality clippers and hair trimming tools to get started.

Choosing the Right Clipper

No matter whether you are a professional barber or amateur DIY stylist, knowing which clippers you use for a haircut can make or break its success. A wrong pair can transform even an easy trim into an embarrassing experience while using quality clippers can keep your look sharp and stylish between professional appointments.

For optimal results, select a high-quality pair with sharp blades and is comfortable to hold. In addition, look for attachment guards that help achieve your desired look. If you want a versatile and convenient clipper option, consider opting for both corded and cordless models. These clippers offer powerful batteries with extended run times that won’t run out while cutting your own hair; some models even allow use while charging! Cordless/corded combo clippers are suitable for buzz cuts, crops, fades, shaved heads or buzz cuts/crops/fades.

Getting Started

Cutting your own hair is easier with the right clippers and practice. The first step should be getting all your equipment together: clippers and an appropriate haircut cape (designed to keep hair from landing on clothing or shoulders). Also be sure to clean any loose hairs prior to beginning and select an area where cleanup can be simple afterward.

Beginning by trimming your sides and back of the head with a lower guard setting (such as 2 or 3), use either your trimmer or inverted clipper technique to add some finishing touches on sideburns, neckline and ears using careful, concise strokes for tidy and uniform results.

Cutting Your Own Hair

Before cutting your own hair, first prepare it by washing and combing through it using a regular comb to get rid of product residue or gels that might make cutting harder or clog the clippers. Finally, comb through again using regular comb to see where to make cuts.

Start with sides and back, using an attachment guard as needed to achieve desired looks. Make sure to frequently check in the mirror, moving slowly in order to guarantee an even cut. If there are any uneven spots, just run the clippers over that part until it appears smooth. Repeat this process all around your head before progressing to the top.

Final Words

Cutting your own hair may seem intimidating at first, but with the right clipper and patience it can also be extremely satisfying and cost-cutting. Just be mindful when selecting your model – Dirty Harry knows his way around a razor! This Virtually Indestructible model stands apart from many others by offering eight built-in length settings (from zero to 19/32 inch), each adjustable using a lever. Furthermore, its blades are self-sharpening and constructed of sturdy hardened steel; additionally it includes both a balding attachment and an ear trimmer for convenient use.