DIY Updos For Long Hair

Long hair can be challenging to style into an updo, but with these DIY updos, you can achieve stunning styles! These DIY updos will take your look one step further!

Halo Braids

Halo braids are an exquisite, feminine hairstyle that makes an impression statement about who you are. Perfect for casual beach days and formal events like proms, these dazzling braids look lovely with any hair accessory and are sure to give the impression of being an ethereal princess! This updo can make you feel like an ethereal princess.

Halo braids may seem complex at first glance, but they’re easy to master with this step-by-step photo tutorial from Redken brand ambassador Sam Villa – you’ll soon have an exquisite updo in no time at all! A popular style known as a crown braid, the halo features one Dutch or pull-through braid that wraps continuously around your head before being secured and pinned to form its signature “halo shape.” Seen on many social media influencers and perfect for both curly and wavy locks alike, it requires proper brushing beforehand to look neat.

Curled Updo

This classic updo makes an elegant statement at casual and formal events, especially weddings. It pairs beautifully with glamorous hair accessories like dainty flowers or sparkling diamante slides for weddings. Easy to achieve no matter your hair texture – start off by dampening it first or using a curl-defining and enhancing cream before beginning this look!

Take two small sections from the front and twist them together until reaching the back of your head, where bobby pins should be secured to keep this look in place. It looks fantastic no matter the shape of your face and is particularly stunning without bangs. This twisted half-updo is perfect for any special event and makes a bold statement while being easy and fast to create. Ideal for medium to long hair length, this style looks best when built on longer locks. Not only will you look your best while staying out of trouble with messy waves, but it will also keep your tresses out of your face.

French Twist Bun

This French Twist Bun is genuinely unique. With its distinctive style, this hairstyle stands out among similar looks. Elegant in appearance and suitable for most formal attire – summers or monsoons make an excellent backdrop.

To create this look, start with fresh and volumized locks – use Dove Refresh Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo for this step – then gather your hair into a low ponytail, twisting with one or two fingers until tight before tucking it back with bobby pins to give an expert finish. To create this sophisticated look, start with freshly refreshed and voluptuous strands. Start by blow-drying your hair for an unfrizzly finish; use a rat-tail comb to create a deep side part while gently teasing the roots; finally, pull back your locks using a barrette; add some hairspray if necessary to secure this style and add face-framing tendrils for an added playful edge!

Big Top Knot

The big top knot is an attractive, casual updo that works wonders on second-day hair. Create this style by plaiting a high ponytail and then tying it into a bun; add texturizing paste or hairspray for extra volume! Or pancake your bun for even more excellent results.

This top knot style features a loose braid woven throughout the base of an updo for an authentic vintage feel. Ideal for curly or wavy locks and wedding events! This version of a top knot works particularly well when worn to romantic dinner dates or as part of wedding attire!

There’s nothing quite as chic when you want to look undone but still chic: pull back your hair into a scruffy top knot, twist in face-framing tendrils, and voila – you have yourself an effortless off-duty casual look! Just make sure that you have plenty of bobby pins handy.