Easy DIY Updos For Long Hair

Are You Wanting To Look Gorgeous Or Add Drama At An Upcoming Big Event? These DIY Updos for Long Hair Can Help Achieve Hairgoals Status

Use a volumizing mousse or primer to lift fine strands for an elegant appearance, perfect for work or school. Doing this will produce more polished results, perfect for formal events.

H1: 1. Double Bun

The double bun trend continues to gain traction among celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Katy Perry at Coachella; its wearers evoke an “I-woke-up-like-this” aesthetic perfect for everyday wear.

To achieve the look:

– Part your hair down the middle

– Secure both halves into two low ponytails

– Wrap each into a tight bun using bobby pins as necessary

Braiding can add an elegant flair to the two buns hairstyle, perfect for weddings and other special events – and it even looks chic when layered with glitter headbands! Check out how this vlogger does it in her tutorial below.

H1: 2. French Twist

The French Twist is an iconic beauty look, yet it can quickly become tedious and stagnant. To avoid this fate, make sure that you incorporate various aspects into the face so it remains fresh and exciting.

One way to add dimension and interest is with braids like the beautiful upstyle worn by Mindy Kaling—pre-braid one side section before feeding it into your twist for added dimension.

Modernize the classic beehive look with this Brigitte Bardot-inspired version from Missy Sue. The beehive shape maintains both volume and texture for an eye-catching combination of sophistication and sexiness.

Try blow-drying your hair while applying volumizing serum or spray like SACHAJUAN Rootlift to achieve a sleeker version of this look. A flat iron can also create an ultra-smooth base before pulling back tightly and gently teasing for extra height.

H1: 3. High Ponytail with French Twist

A stylish take on a timeless updo, this high ponytail makes a statement at any formal event. An easy hairstyle for long hair, it looks effortlessly chic when combined with red lips to complete the look.

Start this high ponytail with French influence by:

– Creating your usual ponytail

– Sweeping its base behind your hair tie and pinning it in place

– Lightly tease with a rat-tail comb before pinning for added volume

This stylish take on a low French twist updo will leave everyone speechless, leaving out an otherwise hidden piece of hair from within the twist. Add some flair with some flowers or sprigs into the twist for added drama – and remember, on New Year’s Eve, everyone will be mesmerized at your event by this classy and sophisticated style that leaves everyone speechless!

H1: 4. Pretzel Bun

The pretzel bun is one of the most effortless updos for long hair, as it only requires a few steps to complete. Pull your locks back into a low ponytail, twisting and wrapping it around itself until a pretzel shape forms at the base of your neck – secure it with pins if necessary and enjoy your stylish new style!

Make your pretzel bun even more striking by using hair accessories like a headband or flower pin to create an eye-catching updo that suits any event.

You can use various updos for long hair to look your best on special occasions, from simple high buns to elaborate styles incorporating braids, teasing, and hair accessories. Whatever the event may be, these quick and easy updos for long hair will have you ready for anything – just remember always to use lightweight and non-greasy products to keep your strands soft and hydrated!