DIY Hairstyles For Short Hair

Although you might think your hair is too short for intricate styles, you’d be amazed to find how many gorgeous looks can still be achieved with short locks if appropriately styled. Shoulder-length waves can serve as an incredibly versatile style-changer when styled correctly.

Achieving this romantic look is easy if you have a natural bob or textured hair. Create a low ponytail, pull out two front sections to form loose tendrils, and complete this style by creating two loose ponytails at either end. Donning this will help frame your face without needing makeup! For added texture, try texturizing spray or oil.

Side ponytails can look just as chic and sleek as high ones. Gather your locks into an elegant side ponytail that rests low on the head, secure with an elastic hair tie, and use some hairspray to set this style in place. Give a nod to the ’80s with this voluminous side ponytail, a backcomb at the crown, and two broad front sections, perfect for special events or date nights! This elegant look can even make an impressionful impression at work!

Doing a fishtail braid adds flair and charisma to any everyday look. All it requires are some bobby pins and hair spray. Tie your hair into a low ponytail and begin twisting its ends, adding volume and texture to the ponytail with each turn. Pancake them to add volume and texture before rolling a scarf around them to cover up their elastic band before spraying some hairspray for added hold. Tucking your hair behind your ears has likely become part of your everyday style without even recognizing it, making this an easy yet stylish hairstyle great for when you need to leave quickly.

Top knots are an easy way to elevate any look, adding flair and personality to an ensemble in seconds. This playful style takes the elegance of a bun and adds active details, perfect for an afternoon out with friends! Pull this strand into your ponytail and loosely wrap it around to form a teased top knot, starting with a deep left side part and creating either a French or Dutch braid until it reaches the back of your head. Use bobby pins to secure the knot, adding some hairspray for an elegant finish. Flick out your ends if desired for a more lived-in effect.

A rope twist bun hairstyle effectively keeps Senegalese twists out of the way and still looks elegant, taking little time or effort. Start by creating a high ponytail, taking one of the top sections to create a rope twist, and twisting this around and over your bun base before tucking it in securely for the look. Repeat this process with the other section of your hair to complete your look and secure it with a hair tie before accessorizing it with decorative hair pins or combs to elevate its style.

Create this look by curling small sections of hair into small coils and blow drying. This will give a beachy mermaid aesthetic. Also, try coloring your locks to enhance this effect. Mermaid braids are enjoying an upswing right now, and this style is easy to achieve. One real bride chose messy French fishtail braids for her sangeet ceremony to add extra character. Mermaid braids can add a unique element to your wedding day look. Although it might take some practice, the results are worth your efforts!

Try Lulu’s braided bow technique for an elegant yet casual style, the perfect way to elevate a ponytail or add extra glamour at formal events. Start by dividing your hair into three equal sections–a left branch, middle section, and right section–then braid it by flipping the left area over (what was once the right section). Continue this pattern until your hair ends, and secure it with a clear elastic. Now flip it around on the opposite side.