DIY Braided Hairstyles

This cute braided hairstyle is a charming style that works perfectly for casual days with friends or date nights. It is an upgraded version of the protective-braid high ponytail look. Create this look by separating your hair into three even sections and braiding both left and right sides, then crossing one area from your crown under your middle strand until reaching the bottom.

Box Braids

Box braids are a timeless yet fashionable protective style. While having them done by professionals may be costly, Niani offers tips on doing them yourself for less. Before beginning braiding, first, wash and detangle your natural hair. Also, be sure to apply leave-in heat protectants such as Garnier Fructis Anti Humidity Smoothing Milk and Black Vanilla Edge Control hair “jam” or gel for any loose baby hairs that might come loose around your face. Experts advise limiting washings of braids to once or twice each month to prevent build-up that could lead to hair breakage and avoid tugging at them, which could loosen them. When cleansing them with shampoo or scalp cleanser, gently rub strokes without dragging to ensure you thoroughly wash away all dirt from them.

Twisted Braids

Healthy black hair is stunning, but adding an eye-catching detail can further elevate its appeal. Try two rope braids on both sides for an eye-catching, effortless style that pairs well with any outfit. Start by creating a high ponytail or desired braided look, adding another ponytail, and braid both ponytails alternatingly over and under to form this twisted braid. To successfully make this braid, all strands must be genuinely twisted. If your twists keep unraveling after braiding has begun, try using some hair gel or mousse before braiding begins to keep them neat.

Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are an elegant, modern style ideal for evening events. Start by braiding your hair from its roots down toward your nape before securing it with a hair tie and massaging to add volume. To add a unique flair, try experimenting with braid extensions for an eye-catching faux hawk effect. Complete the look by including an element such as a red ribbon for added flair! Start this style off by weaving a three-strand braid at your hairline, crossing each strand under rather than over the middle as you work down.

French Braids

French braids offer an exquisite feminine style that you can tailor to suit your preferences by adding accessories like beads or cuffs to personalize their appearance. Gaining mastery of French braiding requires time, patience, and practice. Breaking your practice sessions into shorter increments will help build rhythm and finger dexterity, while adding new sections periodically will produce a more professional-looking braided result. Keep the teams as small as possible when adding new strands for an intricate-looking braid. Doing this will also prevent bulging in the center.

Side Braids

For a chic side braid to wear with your sundress, try this effortless style from YouTuber Cute Girls Hairstyles. Begin by parting your hair on the left using your fingers, and then creating a French braid. As soon as your right outer section has been crossed over the middle, add one strand from your upper front area into this new center strand from time to time until you reach the end of your braid. Secure the braid with a clear elastic, and you are good to go!

Head Wrap

If your braids need refreshing or you want something new, try this effortless head wrap style. Center a scarf at the back of your crown and twist its ends to form a cute flower shape – pair this look with jeans and a tee for a stylish outfit!

Fishtail Braid

Fishtailing a braid begins with the bottom section and adding new pieces from your top team, crossing them over and into the middle strand, taking another part from above, and repeating until you reach your final segment. Secure with a clear elastic and finish off with hairspray to complete it!