DIY Balayage For Dark Hair

Prep Your Hair

– Balayage is a timeless hair-color trend that gives your hair a natural-looking glow.

– It requires minimal touch-ups and still looks great even as your roots grow.

– You’ll need gloves, Vaseline, an old towel, and a brush to do it yourself.

– Choose a dye 2-3 shades lighter than your current hair color.

Preparing Your Brush

– Fill a small bowl with warm water and soap, soak the brush, and rinse it.

– Use a boxed kit designed to lighten hair for best results.

– Use a quality shampoo and conditioner for color-safe hair care.

Applying the Dye

– Apply the dye sparingly to small sections of hair, avoiding the roots.

– Multiple applications may be needed to achieve the desired sun-kissed look.

– The processing time depends on your hair texture.

– Rinse out the dye with cold water and use toner if needed.

– Moisturize your hair with healthy hair oil.

Finishing Up

– Balayage highlights require less frequent touch-ups at the salon.

– Rinse with toning shampoo, towel dry, and style as usual.

– Maintain the ombre effect with camouflage dye every 4-6 weeks.

– Target face frame areas for easy at-home touch-ups.