Big, Voluminous Curls Are All the Rage in Disco Hair

Since Studio 54 closed its doors nearly four decades ago, fashion and beauty trends have remained vibrant and trendy. One popular look includes full, voluminous curls inspired by Studio 54 from the 1970s. Disco hair has been seen in celebrities such as Blake Lively and Kiernan Shipka. You, too, can achieve its big, bouncy style using the appropriate products and techniques.

Big Curls

Disco hair is defined by loose yet tight ringlets with big, voluminous curls that resemble tight coils, making it the ideal style for one-length and layered haircuts regardless of natural texture. A middle part is recommended to add even more volume, and texturizing spray helps define and hold these coils when damp.

Double cleanse to remove product buildup before using a volumizing shampoo to achieve a voluminous style. Gently towel dry your locks, after which a golf ball-sized amount of mousse should be worked through the roots before using a medium-heat blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to gently comb through the ends of the hair until they drop into their proper positions.

Dua Lipa and Jessica Alba have embraced ’70s-inspired styles with gusto. Perfect for parties and red carpet events, the look can turn heads and will surely turn heads at parties or red carpet events. A bold lip and glittery eyes are always sure to turn heads, while adding curtain fringe or curly bangs like Lacy Redway did for Kiernan Shipka can provide subtle nods back to this decade every day.

Natural Hair

Disco hair conjures images of dance floors lit up with light-up dance shoes, platform shoes, and big, beautiful curls. Disco-inspired styles have become fashionable over the past year or two, and if you have naturally textured hair, you can rock them proudly. Lacy Redway recently cut curtain fringes for Kiernan Shipka as an example. Blowdryer diffusers and wide-toothed combs and picks can help amplify curls further to achieve an authentic disco vibe.

Emily Ratajkowski, Cardi B, and Khloe Kardashian are all wearing the trend; it is evident that 2022’s groovy-meets-glitz aesthetic has taken the beauty world by storm – found everywhere from red carpets to TikTok! Tight ringlets with plenty of volumes characterize this look which can easily be dressed up or down for any special event or celebration.

Bob Cuts

Bob cuts in disco hair are always elegant. Celebrities like Lucy Liu and Kylie Jenner often opt for this iconic style, as seen recently with Lucy debuting a short bob cut by stylist Marco Santini at an event. Liu styled her chic haircut with an alluring silver dress and matching accessories.

A bob with face-framing layers makes an eye-catching statement at any disco party, especially when combined with bold lips and an eye-catching pin. Try blowing it out with texture or tousling with light pomade to soften the look further.

The bob is one of the most versatile cuts in fashion history. Initially popular among African-American women in the late 60s and 70s – as evidenced by singers Siouxsie Sioux and Corinne Drewery of Swing Out Sister – Linda Ronstadt even donned one inspired by Louise Brooks while recording two Grammy Award-winning albums.

Wavy Curls

Disco hair has made a buzzworthy return, alongside bell-bottom pants and sequins, becoming one of the ’70s-inspired beauty crazes most seen today. References can be found everywhere, from TikTok accounts to makeup colors and clothing fabrics, yet its hallmark remains big, voluminous curls that have become emblematic of this trend.

Full wavy hair can create a glamorous disco look, from tight ringlets to feathering waves. To amp up the volume even further, try grounding exaggerated curls into your style for a more significant impact!

Disco curls are great because they work on all hair textures and lengths. Just be sure to prep with a volumizing shampoo and texture spray, to give the rings enough texture to keep their shape over time. Use a diffuser to amplify them further before finishing up with some good hairspray for the finishing touches!