5 Different Ways to Curl Hair Without Heat

Curly hair can be challenging to keep looking its best under humid conditions, but various non-heat curling methods will give you beachy waves for that bouncy and frizz-free style.

1. Wrapping

This technique can help create soft and loose curls that appear natural. Pin your curls lightly to hold them while cool, then tousle them slightly to create a casual beachy style. Before wrapping, apply a curling product that offers hold, such as Innersense Whipped Cream Hair Texturizer or EVOLVh’s WonderBalm. Allow your hair to air dry before wrapping for optimal results.

2. Twists

Twists are an effortless way to add volume and definition to natural hair. For optimal results, make sure your hair is clean and detangled before starting the process. Choose between two-strand, flat, or micro twists, and secure them with a curl-defining gel or shea butter.

3. Wrapping Around the Barrel

Curl your hair around a barrel in flat or spiral wrap to achieve your desired look. Be mindful of curling small sections at a time and using heat protection before curling, such as the Propolis Infused Texturizing Wave Spray.

4. Wrapping Around the Ends

To create tight coils or beachy waves, wrap your hair around a belt and leave it in place for several hours. Use the Propolis Infused Texturizing Wave Spray for additional hold and texture. Section your hair before curling to minimize heat damage and make the style last longer.

5. Wrapping Around the Sides

Use a straw to wrap small sections of hair starting from the center outward for a quick and easy curling method. Pin or cup the coiled curls for maximum hold and allow them to dry entirely before unwinding and shaping as desired. Finish with a hydrating curl cream and medium control texturizing spray.

6. Wrapping Around the Back

Create fuller styles by wrapping your hair around the back and head. This technique can produce tighter and more defined coils. Brush out for beachy waves, or pin your hair up for a textured updo. Remember to use a heat protectant spray beforehand.

7. Wrapping Around the Front

After curling a section of hair, pin or cup it up to cool and set its new shape before uncurling it completely. Apply a texturizing spray to help the curls retain their form and style as usual. Add hairspray for added hold if needed.

8. Wrapping Around the Bottom

Start by washing and towel-drying your hair thoroughly. Apply a hydrating hair oil for ultimate strand hydration and scrunch upward to create natural beachy waves. This method is perfect for achieving relaxed yet polished curls without the use of heat tools.