5 Different Twist Hairstyles That Can Help You Stand Out From the Crowd

Various twist hairstyles can set you apart from the crowd. Easy to style and require less maintenance than braids, they make great options for men looking to add volume to their natural locks.

Thin blonde two-strand twists

Thin blonde two-strand twists are styled into a loose half updo, framing the face while creating texture and volume with their curled ends, adding both style and texture.

Two-strand twists

Two-strand twists are among the easiest protective hairstyles to maintain. They work for any length and texture of hair and exceptionally well on delicate or fine-textured locks. Two-strand twists also work great as volume-building styles, adding length and volume to any look – though it should be noted that two-strand twists require extra maintenance and products when maintaining them properly.

To create the ideal two-strand twist look, starting with clean and detangled hair is essential. Vlogger Brianna Lynee suggests starting on damp hair for longer-lasting and reduced shrinkage effects; however, if desired, you may also do your two-strand twists on dry locks.

AA leave-in conditioner or curl refresher are great ways to moisturize the hair to maintain healthy two strand twists to maintain healthy two-strand twists. For best results when applying a leave-in conditioner, be sure to do it before twisting your locks.

Twist out

A twist out is an undoing of two-strand or single-strand Bantu knots and flat twists from damp hair to achieve beautiful, crinkled curls. Before beginning this style, thoroughly detangling the hair is crucial; otherwise,, tangled locks may lead to frizzed twists that unravel during sleep or become knotted while trying to solve them later. Also, allow time for drying before unwinding them, as twists that unravel overnight are less likely. Cover your head with a scarf or bonnet before sleeping so your knots won’t develop overnight while you sleep!

Maintaining an impressive twist out requires using light curl cream on your locks for the best results, which will reduce frizz and prolong its longevity. Furthermore, avoid heavy gels, which weigh down curls further, leading to frizz. Spritz your twists regularly with a refreshing spray to maintain the freshness of their style.

Thick twists

Thick twists are protective styles that utilize thicker strands to form rope-like coils on your head. With minimal upkeep required and can even add volume to your hair, they make an excellent way to add body.

Selecting appropriate thick twist products when styling thick twists is of utmost importance. A quality hair product with a firm hold will help your twists remain secure throughout the day, while using a hair cream will keep them moisturized and soft.

Other Twist Hairstyles

As well as traditional two-strand twists, there are numerous other styles you can experiment with. If you have a fade haircut, side-parted neck-length twists will create an eye-catching and stylish look that complements facial features while also looking good on older women. Or try rocking chunky coiled twists for a chic and sophisticated style perfect for special events!

Bleached twists

Bleached twists are an enjoyable way to change up your look. They are ideal for men with faded haircuts as they hide the ends of your hair, making it easier for you to keep it clean. Additionally, bleached twists allow you to experiment with color and make your locks appear healthier overall.

The bleached twist style is popular among black men as it appears sleek and stylish. It is an effective alternative to flat braids, working well on all textures of hair while creating the appearance of thicker and fuller locks.

If you have medium-length hair, try this chic style that emphasizes its natural volume of curls. Perfect for any special event and everyday life – even adding a deep middle part can give this look more drama! Bleached twists may last for weeks if adequately moisturized!