Different Twist Hairstyles For Men

Natural twist hairstyles are ideal for anyone looking to add volume and texture to their style while protecting strands while remaining stylish and sleek.

To achieve this look:

1. Use thickening spray to give your twists an added boost.

2. Divide each section into manageable pieces for styling.

Two-strand twists:

Two-strand twists provide a simple yet natural-looking hairstyle. They are easy to create and can last several weeks.

To achieve this hairstyle:

1. Start with clean, conditioned locks.

2. Detangle with Uncle Funky’s Daughter Extra Butter Cream before twisting.

3. Use twisting butter for maximum impact.

4. You can add wooden beads for a cute accessory.

Twist out:

A twist-out is an effective protective style lasting several days and looks fantastic with any hair length.

To perform a twist out:

1. Begin with clean, damp hair.

2. Apply leave-in conditioner and mousse.

3. Divide your locks into sections and twist them tightly.

4. Smaller twists create more defined results.

5. Sit under a hooded dryer for 30 minutes to set the twists.

6. Spritz each twist with water or hair milk refresher spray before bed.

7. Be gentle when untwisting to avoid tangles and breakage.

8. Consider using curl-enhancing products for better control.

Thick twists:

Men with thick locks can achieve an intriguing look with thick twists, also known as Senegalese, Marley, or Havana twists.

To create thick twists:

1. Select a hair product with a firm hold and minimal frizz.

2. These thicker twists resemble braids and are typically made using synthetic Kanekalon hair.

3. They work best on long locks but can also be created on medium-length locks.

4. Popular among those with faded haircuts.

5. Consider wearing a durag at night to keep the twists intact.

Bleached twists:

Bleached twists are an ideal hairstyle for men with thicker locks. They can be worn in various styles and are appropriate for formal events.

To maintain bleached twists:

1. Use high-quality hair products.

2. Moisturize regularly with hair oil or butter.

3. This style evokes elegance and sophistication.

4. Add beads or bands for an individualized look.

5. Shampoo specifically formulated for twists is recommended.

6. Apply hair butter or oil every night before bed.

By following these tips and techniques, you can achieve and maintain various twist hairstyles for men.