Different Shades of Blonde Hair

Be it the iconic look of a Barbie doll or beachy style, blonde hair can be both feminine and glamorous. Research shows that women with blonde locks typically have higher estrogen levels (the female sexual hormone).

Creamy Blonde

Buttery blonde hues are an eye-catching spring hair trend, exuding natural sun-kissed tones. Ribbons of Champagne, honey, and baby blond blend together seamlessly for an irresistibly sun-kissed finish that flatters cool and warm skin tones. Request that your stylist give you a beachy blonde look by adding layers of blonde, caramel, and yellow highlights into your darker roots for an effortlessly beachy style that pairs beautifully with green eyes. This look can also provide the freedom to choose lighter locks without total platinum!

Caramel Blonde

Caramel blonde is an adaptable hue that complements warm and cool skin tones, boasting its warm caramel tone and often featuring dark brown lowlights for additional dimension. This look works particularly well for those who wish to lighten up but wish to avoid committing to an ombre hair color with extreme roots. Gigi Hazan wears caramel highlights that create an inviting sun-kissed blonde that perfectly complements her light brown eyes. Celebrity hair colorist Michael Canale used balayage to give Gigi her look, transitioning into an ash-blonde hue on her ends. For a subtler touch of caramel, consider opting for a chunky balayage like that seen here on Gina Rodriguez. It adds warmth without overshadowing her complexion.

Dark Golden Blonde

Warm blonde shade that enhances skin tones for an effortless natural look. Perfect for anyone seeking a light hue with more depth and warmth, it is also suitable for dark blonde hair. Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, and Marilyn Monroe favored this shade for its blue or green eye-enhancing properties for porcelain complexions. Additionally, its warm undertone makes it extremely flattering on those with warmer complexions. Blondes with light to medium brown strands will find this shade easy to achieve without bleaching their base, as it can be applied tone-on-tone without bleaching their base. Brunettes may require pre-lightening treatments like our Blondage High Bright shampoo or conditioner with WellaPlex to protect their hair during coloration. Shade 73 Dark Golden Blonde (Honey Dip) offers radiant and golden tones for 100% gray coverage in its warm blonde result.

Dirty Blonde

Dirty blonde is an excellent shade that complements warm, neutral skin tones and blue, green, and gray eyes. Additionally, this hue makes an excellent way to lighten hair without risking bleaching damage – perfect for anyone wanting to lighten their locks without risking further bleaching damage! Strawberry dirty blonde is an innovative take on classic blonde shades, adding reddish tones for a vibrant result. It works best when worn by those with porcelain skin tones and pale eyes. Strawberry highlights add another charming dimension to any beautiful dirty blonde shade, making your dirty blonde shade all the more stunning. This low-maintenance option works wonders for those with natural dark brown roots who wish to lighten their locks without using bleach as much.

Flaxen Blonde

Flaxen blonde is a light shade with cool undertones that features silvery hues. This hue works particularly well when worn against women with cool skin tones and looks beautiful when styled into straight or wavy hairstyles. Platinum blonde is an ultra-chic hair color reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour and Nordic cool. Regular touch-ups are Suitable for those with warm or cool undertones and keep this shade looking immaculately beautiful. Strawberry blonde is an inviting shade that makes an excellent transition for redheads looking to go lighter. It works beautifully on neutral and warm skin tones and pairs nicely with sun-kissed tans. The strawberry blonde also works excellent for those seeking subtle highlights with the balayage technique; in this technique, highlights are hand-painted onto locks to add natural-looking dimension and depth.