A Guide to the Different Male Haircuts That Are Trending

Ivy League

The Ivy League haircut, or the Harvard clip, is an elegant style suitable for any gentleman. This versatile look features short sides, and back hair cut short, while long side-parted hair at the top remains long with side parts defined at an angle. This look works equally well on thin and thick locks; for an additional twist, try hard part variation by shaving your hairline to emphasize where you want your part to fall. This low-maintenance style is easily slicked back with some pomade or clay and pairs beautifully with low-fade sides.


Men with thick hair can pull off a classic pomp style with ease. A drop skin fade matched with enough volume is critical here; adding a small dab of pomade will further help the class stay in place. Although creating a pomp is more accessible for guys with naturally straight hair, curly and wavy locks can also sport this stylish style. Though more complex, it still looks sharp! A pomp is a dapper style choice for men looking to draw attention or hide receding hairlines. This cut pairs well with low or high fades, beards, stubble, and formal and informal events alike – the pushed-back quiffing texture works for formal and casual occasions alike.

Side Swept Fringe

The side-swept fringe is a timeless style that flatters every facial structure and hair texture. From short eyebrow-skimming boundaries to full, sweeping edges down the forehead, this timeless cut makes a powerful statement while remaining easy to maintain and looks fantastic on any hair texture. This fringe style frames the face, softens your features, and effectively counterbalances longer face shapes. Additionally, its more noticeable kind may work better for people with thick hair than wispier bangs would be. Furthermore, its textured finish gives an edge-worthy aesthetic to this cut, and pairs nicely with beard or brow trims to complete the look.

Taper Fade

Taper fade haircuts are ideal for men looking to remain tidy and fashionable. Combining a low fade with medium-to-long locks on top, they create an eye-catching combination of classic and modern elements. Slick it back or style it into a pompadour for added flair! People often conflate “taper” and “fade,” but there is an essential distinction between the two styles. A taper generally starts closer to your natural hairline while fades are longer styles that extend down towards your skin. Understanding the differences between these styles will enable you to communicate with your barber more efficiently, and get the perfect haircut for yourself. Once you know them, you can confidently flaunt this sleek and modern style!

Angular Fringe

Angular fringes resemble side-swept bangs in that they can be worn straight, combed over, or brushed forward for a messy style. They usually pair with faded cuts like the classic taper or its higher/lower variants for maximum impact. This style works best on men with longer hair and is an effective way to add height. This look also works exceptionally well for those with an angular jawline, as the style frames their facial features perfectly. Are you trying something different and want a manner that will turn heads? Consider an angled fringe haircut! This look features long hair on top with shorter sides and can even be combined with a fade for an edgier vibe! Plus, this cut suits different hair types and textures equally well!