Different Male Haircuts For Men

Men’s haircuts come in all forms and styles; there is something suitable for every man – a classic crew cut, Ivy League cut, side part fades, any number of flags, and many other choices.

Quiffs are an increasingly fashionable style with a distinctive crest on your head, giving it a distinct silhouette. Combine it with complex parts and high fades for an eye-catching appearance.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is an ideal low-maintenance solution for men with thinning hair who wish to retain a youthful appearance. Its simple silhouette helps mask any signs of thinned locks or receding hairlines while giving an updated look more accessible to the eye than ever.

Oval face shapes make an excellent candidate for a buzz cut, as its style draws attention to their well-proportioned features and reduces widow’s peak with its short length and V-shaped areas blending in more naturally into their natural hairlines.

Are you searching for something more striking to add contrast to your look? Ask your barber for a high fade, allowing longer locks at the front to add dimension and will enable you to use styling products for a unique style.

Crew Cut

A crew cut is an elegant male haircut that suits virtually all hair textures. This versatile style can be personalized to fit your facial structure, hair thickness, and frontal hairline; for example, if you have thicker strands on top and wish to elevate your appearance further with taper fades – remember they may add height!

A crew cut is ideal because it requires minimal upkeep. Apply some pomade to achieve a glossy finish and style it like you usually would; adding a complex part can further define your forehead and add extra confidence to this style.


As part of youth culture and established men who remained youthful at heart alike, undercut styles emerged during the second half of the 20th century and became fashionable. Worn by numerous notable figures, including big-name actors like Robert De Niro and George Clooney, undercut styles were quickly adopted into youth culture, becoming a hallmark of youthful style that even established men could adopt for any casual setting.

Maintaining these stylish looks may require regular trimming, which exposes your scalp directly to sunlight and increases the risk of sunburn.

Faded transitions tend to fade out gradually, while undercuts have an abrupt separation between their sides and top, making them stand out more visibly. Undercuts are especially suitable for men with thick hair looking for an eye-catching style statement.

Ivy League

Ivy League haircuts are ideal for men seeking timeless classic styling that never goes out of fashion. Additionally, they work well to cover up receding hairlines without looking untidy or uncared-for.

This Ivy League variation is perfect for wavy hair, adding natural texture. Furthermore, its length on top makes it easier to keep looking professional while remaining neat.

Spiking your Ivy League cut can add some flair and personality to your look, but be careful that any products used don’t make the spikes too unnatural. When styling an Ivy League cut with points, use soft products so the tips won’t look out-of-place or unnatural.

Shaved Sides

Dedicated men looking for low-maintenance yet stylish and functional styles should consider getting their sides shaved for an eye-catching and low-maintenance style that still looks sharp. You have several choices when styling this cut: short on the sides for a CLEAN appearance or add an angular fringe that highlights its dramatic contrasts with shaved edges – both options will create striking visuals.

Discover a more polished appearance with a comb-over fade shaved side haircut for office or casual occasions, or go wild with messy faux hawk fade shaved sides for an adventurous and eye-catching style statement that is sure to draw glances. Or add pops of color for an even more significant impact when making bold style statements!

Short Back and Sides

The classic male haircut, the short back and sides cut, is easy to maintain and complements most hairstyles. This style is ideal for guys with thin or thinning hair and suits most face shapes and those who don’t wish to commit fully to a complete bald fade.

This style, commonly known as a buzz cut, features short sides and back of the head with lengthier hair left at the top for a distinct masculine aesthetic. Combine it with either a high fade or taper fade fade for an eye-catching, stylish finish.