5 Different Hairstyles For Dreads

Men with dreads can look incredibly stylish when worn in an updo style, showing off the sleek lines of their neck while adding extra flare.

Funky and Quirky Crinkle Dreads

Make an impressionful statement with funky and quirky crinkle dreads for an eye-catching style! Simply braiding your dreads before leaving them to dry will result in soft kinks and waves for an unconventional and eye-catching effect.


This creative style protects dreadlocks while adding an eye-catching element to your look. Featuring flat twists in front and dreadlocks in back, it makes an impressive statement on all women – perfect for formal events as it complements facial features while providing an orderly finish.

Low Top Bun

For a casual yet fashionable look, consider styling a low-top bun. This trendy style can be achieved using various colors and styles; its easy maintenance makes it very stylish!

Fade or Undercut

Men who want to show off their dreadlocks without dealing with maintenance may also choose the fade or undercut option as an attractive way to style them. Both styles provide unique ways of styling men’s dreadlocks in a modern and trendy manner and can add dimension. They work equally well for short or long dreads and combinations like lineups. It can make showing them off easier.

High Top Dreads

High-top dreads are an easy and stylish way to elevate any look – perfect for sporty men who don’t want their locks getting in the form of their game! Add an edge by incorporating taper or skin fades; these styles show off tramlines in your dreads.

Side-Swept Braids

Side-swept braids are another great style option for those with dreadlocks; this alternative to ponytails adds an eye-catching element that makes for an unforgettable look that makes any special event memorable.

Feminine Twist Hairstyle

Make an impressionful statement with your look by opting for the feminine twist hairstyle for your dreads, especially with medium-length dreads and high-top fade haircuts. Additionally, this hairstyle pairs nicely with beards to add even more personality and flair!

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bobs are ideal for thick hair as they create volume and texture while remaining easy to style and wear with casual and formal looks. Plus, this hairstyle requires little maintenance compared to others that may require unique products!

Choppy Bangs with Asymmetrical Bob

Featuring effortless chicness, try this asymmetrical bob with choppy bangs from actress Chelsea Kane. She has made this hairstyle famous by sporting it with side-swept fringe. To achieve the same look, ask your stylist to cut you an asymmetrical layered bob with some length on one side before using volumizing mousse on damp hair before blow drying.

Turquoise Asymmetrical Bob

Add some color and drama to your bob with this turquoise style by adding bold hues like this turquoise style. This look draws attention to your eyes while making your face pop – plus, it pairs perfectly with dark lipstick – ideal for weddings, parties, and any special events!

Wool Dreads

Wool dreadlocks are constructed with natural fibers and tend to be less irritating to the scalp than synthetic ones. Furthermore, they’re easier to wash and dry. But wool may feel heavy when wet – causing an itching sensation, which can be reduced with proper maintenance and care.

Dread Extensions

Dread extensions come in an assortment of textures and styles designed to suit every hair color, texture, and length preference. Braided or woven into existing locks for an easy installation that adds length or volume while being water-resistant, an essential feature when swimming or spending time outside.

Creating Wool Extensions

Extensions can be purchased either at a salon, online store, or created yourself. To do this, roving wool must first be obtained – available from knitting supply stores or eBay – then dyed using food coloring, Kool-aid powders, Dylon/Rit dyes, or any other colors you have on hand.