Different Guy Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

Men’s hairstyles vary considerably depending on the length, style, and fade they choose. A taper fade combines short side-swept pieces with longer pieces on top for an edgier style; this type of fade can also be spiked for added flair. This style is ideal for wavy hair as it allows for some texture and volume while remaining sleek with its beard styling. Additionally, it looks fantastic.


Undercuts feature longer lengths on top with razored or buzzed sides and back. They’re an excellent way for guys with square or diamond-like facial features to soften angular features by creating balance, making them look less sharp. The classic undercut has long been a traditional men’s hairstyle, but its appeal extends well beyond those with balding scalps. It can look good on those with curly or wavy locks and can even create a stylish fade effect. Quiff haircuts offer a trendy spin on the undercut style, combining pompadour and fade techniques for an eye-catching, bold, and textured look that’s great for taller guys. To achieve this style, use a soft-hold pomade and brush it through while it’s damp – this way, extra volume can easily be created to set your quiff apart from other undercut styles! This look makes a statement while remaining stylish at once; perfect for showing off personality while looking stylish.


The Crop is the ideal style for men who desire an effortlessly dapper appearance without much effort. It requires minimal upkeep and works great on any hair type; all it takes to achieve this look is running some pomade through your locks while messing them up as you go, then finishing it off with a light mist of hairspray to hold everything in place throughout the day. Additionally, this look pairs beautifully with stubble beards and distressed denim pants! The crop hairstyle is another excellent choice for guys with curly or wavy locks, as it allows them to retain some of their natural texture while adding structure by creating minor “C” shapes in their fringe and adding wax as needed. Furthermore, this style works beautifully when worn with any length beard, from short stubble to full coarseness.


The shag hairstyle is a timeless classic that creates volume and movement with its choppy layers and full crown, which can be adjusted to suit different face shapes. Furthermore, this style can also feature thin wispy fringes for casual, carefree looks or longer ones for dramatic and seductive designs – longer shags can even be swept sideways for softening angular features. Rachel uses each client’s natural texture to tailor a customized shag cut that best meets their hair needs. When working with straighter locks, Rachel usually cuts all sections wet before finishing it once it dries to achieve an unmanicured and less manicured finish. Rachel favors medium-length shags styled with light-hold products for an easy yet fashionable messy look. She often positions the front strands of hair around the face to frame and emphasizes cheekbones – an effective style option for men with oval, triangle, or diamond face shapes.

Medium Curls

Curly hair on men can often appear pretentious. But with proper styling and care, curls can be stunning, especially medium-length curls, which frame most men’s faces beautifully. Swept back with pomade or wax can create an outstanding pompadour look, which makes an impactful statement about who you are in a crowd. However, some men prefer more casual styles with curly locks, which is when messy styles work best. Just ensure to use high-quality products without harsh sulfates or silicones, which will strip natural moisture from your locks, leaving them lifeless and lifeless – like this hairstyle featuring swayed side parts and cheeky taper fades for a classic yet classy and gentlemanly appearance. At the same time, the top can be roughed up to add ruggedness too!