Top 5 Different Guy Hairstyles

Long Hair Styles for Men

Long hairstyles for men can be both cool and rugged. Their uniqueness attracts women’s interest. Channel your inner Jared Leto by sporting a voluminous, wavy lockstyle.

Medium Length Haircuts

Medium-length haircuts are highly adaptable, making them suitable for most men, from classic side parts and quiffs to pompadours and neat coifs like those worn by Garret Hedlund.

Crew Cut

A crew cut can be styled in numerous ways. From spiked up, combed over, or left undone, this look works for men who want to show off their natural texture without looking unruly and those with naturally curly locks. Low and tight fades are an alternative take on the classic crew cut that looks stylish whether worn with or without a beard. They may help men with thin hair mask their scalp while making it appear fuller.


Men with short hair can still achieve an elegant and fashionable style by opting for the buzz cut. Similar to a crew cut but longer, this style lets your natural texture show through and can incorporate a high fade for added masculine flair. Idris Elba loves his signature buzz cut with its longer length and temple fade style. This choice complements his rugged personality while adding polish. Chris Evans’ buzz cut plays with proportions by featuring a longer top and higher fade. This style flatters most face shapes and pairs well with facial stubble.


The Pompadour style is ideal for showing off volume in men’s hair and catching women’s attention. If you need assistance creating this look, consult a barber. They’ll know which length will work best with your particular face shape. Make this haircut stand out with long locks on top and a fade or taper cut, or give your pompadour an updated touch with a burst fade or even an undercut for maximum impact.

Induction Cut

Named for the cut given to new military recruits, this style features short locks. Also referred to as the mighty fine or martial recruit haircut, this shortcut offers the fastest possible haircut without shaving your head. This style works particularly well on men with oval or rectangular faces and pairs well with facial hair such as beards or stubble. Idris Elba has popularised this look, pairing his buzz cut with facial hair for an appealing masculine aesthetic. Another variation of the Induction Cut is to add a low fade. A low fade creates a subtle difference in length between the top and sides of your scalp for an effortlessly stylish appearance.

Burr Cut

The burr cut is an alternative to the military buzz and usually sits between grades two or three clipper lengths, providing some textured hairstyle options for those who find the induction cut too aggressive. This cut goes perfectly with facial stubble for an assertive yet mature look worn by stars like Chris Evans, Jason Statham, and many in the military.

Slicked Back

Slicked-back haircuts are ideal for gentlemen looking to exude confidence. From classic looks like Gigi Hadid’s to more experimental variations such as this taper fade (like on Quinto), there’s nothing wrong with this timeless style. Start by applying a solid hair pomade to help smooth back your locks, then use a comb to untangle any knots before spraying some long-term hold hair spray for extra hold. Combined with a high pompadour look, this look can create an effortless style that remains trending.

Garret Hedlund

Garrett Hedlund is an American actor renowned for his remarkable acting ability. With an athletic build and commanding presence on screen, Hedlund has made an impressionful mark with films such as Tron Legacy, Death Sentence, Inside Llewyn Davis, and Unbroken. Hedlund hails from Roseau, Minnesota, and relocated with his mother to Phoenix at age 14. During high school, he took acting classes and did modeling work for Teen magazine and L.L. Bean before leaving early to become an actor.