Different Fade Haircuts

There are various fade haircut styles to choose from and each offers a fresh finish for hair length transition. Figure out your preferred top style (quiff, pompadour or comb over etc) and ask your barber about which are suitable for you and your face structure.

High Top Fade

This haircut is the ideal solution for men with longer locks. It features a short taper that emphasizes temples of the head, making this style suitable for pompadours as well as styles with side parts. The high top fade is an alternative take on the classic fade haircut. Although subtler than its low or mid counterparts, it can still be worn with any length on the back and sides and styling it is made easy using Regal Gentleman pomade. This haircut stands out from the crowd with its stunning combination of fade and comb over styles. This striking combination creates a highly stylish, sophisticated and versatile style which can be dressed up or down for formal events and business meetings or used to add personality and flair to casual clothing choices.

Mohawk Fade

For an eye-catching modern and edgy style that exudes confidence, consider opting for the Mohawk fade haircut. It features the top layer being left at a longer length while sides and back layers are shortened down, creating an eye-catching style with its textured top section standing out and making you appear very stylish. To achieve this look, a water-based pomade will keep your hair in place while adding natural shine to short sides. We suggest Triumph