Different Curly Haircuts

Curly hair offers many different haircut options; the key to selecting one is finding a stylist specializing in cutting curly locks.

The Rezo Cut

The Rezo cut is an excellent way to reduce bulk and avoid that unattractive triangular shape seen in thick curls. This technique involves working on dry hair, allowing stylists to account for shrinkage.

Diametrix Cut

Christo offers the Diametrix Cut, a technique tailored explicitly for curly hair that minimizes frizz, breakage, and unsightly pyramid shapes. It is an excellent alternative to the Deva Cut.

Finding the Right Stylist

To find a suitable stylist for your curly haircut, get recommendations from friends with curly locks. Bringing pictures will help the stylist understand what you want done and how to achieve it.

Ouidad Cut

Ouidad Salon provides a customized cutting technique called Carve and Slice, developed specifically for curly locks. This technique eliminates bulk, avoids pyramid looks, and produces defined ringlets.

Deva Cut

A Deva Cut emphasizes how your curls naturally fall to achieve the ideal shape. It is highly popular with all hair types, keeping coils healthy and offering styling options.

Tunnel Cut

The Tunnel Cut gives your curls a beautiful shape, reduces bulk, and speeds up hair growth. It is suitable for those who love their natural, curly curls and want to maintain them for as long as possible.


Braids are a protective style for natural hair that reduces styling time and locks in moisture. They can be personalized with accessories for an individualized look.

Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are a traditional hairstyle from West Africa and the Sahel region. They are long, thick braids that can be embellished with beads, shells, or wooden/metal accents.

Passion Twist Braids

Passion twist braids are a modern take on two-strand braids. They can be worn to any length and are perfect for summer days outdoors. They can also be styled into an updo.

Embrace Your Beauty

Braids are an elegant hairstyle that can add flair to any look. Wear your chosen braid style proudly and let everyone see your beauty.