Deep Layer Haircut

No matter your hair thickness, layers can help increase volume and give curly or wavy styles added bounce and weight-saving options for long and medium-length types.

Layers also work wonders at framing faces for an aesthetically pleasing result.

To achieve long and uniformly cut layers, place your hair between your index and middle fingers and trim horizontally along each new section before flipping and cutting vertically to soften the shape of your ends.

Long Layers

Long layers create a timeless, chic style that’s easy to style with beachy waves or polished blowouts.

This style works for nearly all face shapes due to how its long layers fall and blend; additionally, this length also looks fantastic when worn with bangs.

If you want more structure with your long locks, try adding strategically positioned short layers throughout.

Positioned just above your crown and around your face, these shorter layers will add definition without taking away too much length.

Though this style requires additional upkeep for trimming purposes, its added volume and shape more than make up for any potential trimming costs.

Opt for a blunt or curtain bang cut for a dramatic touch with long layers.

This style draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones while adding an 80s feel.

Though suitable for all face shapes, oval and rectangle faces benefit most from this trend.

Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers are an excellent option for all hair lengths and textures, as they can be tailored specifically to meet your needs.

Long face-framing layers will accentuate your cheekbones and draw attention to your eyes. At the same time, oval or round faces may benefit from thinner layers with softening features, while square-shaped faces might benefit from softened features for an appealing slimming effect.

Added into thick locks, they add volume and body.

To make the most of your face-framing layers, finding a stylist with experience cutting them is wise.

A knowledgeable stylist can give you optimal results that work with your desired face shape and wanted look while cutting at just the right length; some people like their face-framing layers starting near their nose or cheekbones as this highlights those facial features while hiding foreheads or providing extra length in their hairstyles.

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers make an eye-catching statement in any hairstyle – from sleek bobs to shaggy styles, these layers add volume and make a fashion statement.

Choppy layers work best on thin or delicate locks for fuller volume; however, long tresses benefit from them, too, as they add texture and movement.

When highlighted with caramel or blonde hues, they look even more striking!

An effective way to create a more natural-looking layered haircut is with the Sombre technique.

This method uses soft and subtle balayage highlights for an inconspicuous fade that’s still visible – It requires root touch-ups every two months but is ideal if you prefer less frequent coloring sessions!

There are many advantages of getting a layered haircut, and your choices of layers may depend on factors like your face shape, hair density and thickness, length preference, and desired style.

Speak to your stylist about recommendations explicitly tailored to your needs and preferences.

Side-Swept Layers

Ideally suited to drawing attention to your eyes, side-swept layers add volume, movement, and an intriguing appearance that complements any look.

Use side-swept layers as an eye-catching accent while adding feminine style elements or drawing attention to stunning eyebrows.

Your stylist can also give your wavy or curly locks some added body with layering.

Shorter and mid-length layers will accentuate your waves or curls for an eye-catching fashionista look.

To finish this gorgeous hair look off perfectly, apply volumizing product and swoop your bangs over to one side – and voila! You are ready for your runway debut.

Layers can add depth and dimension to your locks, regardless of length or texture.

If you need help choosing which style best fits your preferences and style, consult with your hairdresser and bring along some reference photos, as they’ll help find you an exemplary layered haircut that complements your face shape, hair density, and texture.