Dark Burgundy Hair

Shades of red have seen an unprecedented surge in popularity lately, and dark burgundy hair stands out as an eye-catching and daring way to adapt to this trend. Burgundy is an intense shade that looks breathtaking on all hair textures. Burgundy may contain some purple undertones but is predominantly red on the sRGB color scale. Additionally, its warm tones make it very flattering on any skin tone and complement most hairstyles beautifully.

Long Straight Hair With Burgundy Dark Purple

Burgundy is one of the trendiest hair colors available, and it looks adorable on women with dark complexions. A more subdued version of red, this wine-colored hue adds depth to brown locks while drawing attention to green or hazel eyes. Its low maintenance requirements can look just as great in sleek straight locks or curled waves! Opt for a darker burgundy ombre for an understated approach to this trend. Actress Vanessa Hudgens sports this look beautifully with warm red highlights, while rapper Badmomzjay’s almost Kool-aid hue stands out in her sleek centre-part ponytail. If you’re still uncertain about going dark, try something more subtle, like burgundy with purple accents instead of full-on red. Singer Demi Lovato’s beautiful oxblood balayage offers the ideal example. It starts as caramel brown at its roots before lightening into red and peach hues at the tips for a seamless gradient without apparent lines of fadeout.

Burgundy Long Curls

Burgundy makes an elegant and feminine statement when applied to long, wavy, or curly locks, creating a striking focal point in any space. Adding just a few strands of brown for contrast creates a more natural appearance. Vanessa Hudgens wears her dark burgundy locks chicly in a center-part ponytail, providing a classic yet sleek look. This shade makes a great alternative for redheads to switch up their look without going blonde. Deep wine hues are ideal for classic red shades, as they’re less dramatic and flatter most skin tones.

Furthermore, this versatile hue can be worn with any hair length or texture type. This bold shade is ideal for anyone ready to explore something different without committing a whole ombre or highlights. Singer Badmomzjay makes this bold hue stand out as modern and trendy; her burgundy and blue shades make for a striking look, perfect for any casual event or meeting!

Burgundy Long Layers

Burgundy can be worn in numerous ways, from vibrant to more subdued looks. Dark burgundy hair adds depth to an updo and looks gorgeously messy, like actress Madelaine Petsch’s. Burgundy highlights are an easy way to experiment with this color without bleaching all your strands; they still show up beautifully regardless of natural or pre-lightened strands, complementing any haircut beautifully. If you need more time to prepare for a full-on burgundy hair color, try opting for a dark-to-light burgundy ombre fade instead. This dramatic style pairs nicely with sleek bob cuts but can also look lovely when worn long with waves or in loose coils like Kerry Washington has done here – the contrast between her natural dark shade and her stunning burgundy balayage is simply breathtaking. Burgundy is an ideal hue for women with darker hair because it adds an appealing pop of color without making your locks too bright. This rich reddish-purple shade has both warm and cool undertones to flatter various complexions – and will make you stand out from the crowd!

Burgundy Long Balayage

Burgundy hair can make an elegant statement, drawing attention wherever they go. Its bold hue can be combined with other tones for a subtler appearance or kept bold and vibrant – like this bold dark burgundy balayage on long, straight locks with a high ponytail. Pair this combination with high ponytail styling for a work or date night look! Balayage is an increasingly popular technique that allows stylists to achieve sun-kissed effects using natural hair colors like brown. Balayage also works well on burgundy to blend it in more seamlessly with brown hues for an authentic appearance than solid colors might. Box braids have become an increasingly popular fashion trend, and this burgundy ombre box braid adds depth and dimension. It is not too dark or bright; it suits all skin tones beautifully. Consult your colorist about creating something similar by using rich black cherry burgundy as the foundation with accents of red hues for an exquisite mix.