David Beckham Hairstyles


David Beckham’s unique take on the classic mullet is both fashionable and casual. Pair it with a short fade for an office-appropriate look, or add a light stubble beard for an unconventional, simple aesthetic. This style features a high 0.5-1 fade and approximately an inch left on top, so more maintenance may be necessary than other options. Use Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to achieve an authentic texture look and style it using matte products such as Regal Gentleman Matte Clay for a natural-looking texture.


David Beckham is a soccer star and a fashion icon who inspires men to wear dapper looks. Often seen sporting stylish clothing and an impeccable haircut, David always looks his best! David Beckham is known to sport a mohawk hairstyle. To achieve it, keep your sides and back short and layer a thick top combed upwards for a spiky effect. Complete your look by pairing this look with a beard for an impressive appearance. This is an excellent hairstyle for any special occasion and requires easy maintenance.


David Beckham has made his pompadour haircut one of his signature styles, featuring a solid undercut and complete top section styled to stand up. This hairstyle works exceptionally well on men with medium-length locks. David Beckham also sports an eye-catching hairstyle known as the comb-over. To achieve this style, start with a deep side part followed by an undercut and add texture with pomade cream on top for a pomp-style comb-over. This stylish hairstyle is ideal for men who wish to look sharp without going overboard with their styling. With a subtle fade on the sides and long, bristly locks on top, this look exudes class.


David Beckham is known to favor undercut hairstyles, and this one is no exception. The short back and sides shave are blended seamlessly with longer top-length locks, then styled with lots of texture along the center part for an irresistibly flirty finish. This hairstyle works wonders for any face shape and is especially significant when combined with beard or mustache growth. Be sure to slick down and use some hair gel as necessary. This style shows off your rebellious side without going too far, and its versatility means it can work on long or medium locks.

Center Part

Though no longer sporting his former whole pompadour hairstyle, Beckham remains an icon with this contemporary haircut, combining elements of an undercut with side-swept bangs to form an appealing style that perfectly compliments his facial structure. To achieve this style, begin with a shoulder-length haircut with a texture of low skin fade sides and temple under shave. Next, create a center part on top that sweeps to one side for a face-framing finish. This works best on men with medium to thick texture hair and darker hues.

Textured Long Hair

Beckham has displayed various hairstyles with his long locks, such as a faux hawk. Short sides shaved off and raised top sections create an elevated stand-up appearance. Paired with full mustaches and facial hair, this style shows off face shape perfectly. A unique look is the mullet haircut. Like its pompadour counterpart, its top is swept back while the remaining hair is pushed forward for an attractive finish. This casual style is ideal for any special event or informal setting. Start by adding texture to thick, medium-length hair. Sport an undercut in both directions of your head. Finally, pull out some face-framing pieces for a flirty finish.

Textured Medium Hair

David Beckham’s sleek and sophisticated shoulder-length textured style features a low skin fade with longer top sections left to frame his face. David Beckham has worn one of the more sophisticated styles throughout his career. Here, his crew cut short on the sides and back while leaving his top long enough to stand up lightly. This style combines the best elements from Beckham’s signature looks. A comb-over is ideal for long, thick locks, while the fade creates a perfect blend between facial hair and longer locks.