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Dashie is an accomplished YouTuber known for creating comedy sketches, reading fan mail, and gaming videos across several channels. Additionally, he sells personalized merchandise via RedBubble and Fanfiber platforms.


Dashie is a YouTuber known for his comedic skits and gaming videos, popular among young teens and adults. He maintains several channels on YouTube and sells merchandise, including hoodies, stickers, notebooks, mugs, and phone cases under his brand.

DashieGames, his most viewed channel with over 5 million subscribers, features him playing various types of video games alongside collaboration with fellow gamers like Jesse Wellens and Logic – drawing viewers with its lively commentary surrounding gameplay. His other channel is DashieXP, with over 3 million subscribers, which features vlogs and skits. DashieXP2 is his spin-off channel for fan mail opening videos and skit bloopers from Dashie’s performances.

Dashie is known for using unique comedy techniques, including exaggerated incorrect spelling, screaming laughter while laughing out loud, and comparing people or events to celebrities or movies.


Dashie, known for his gaming videos on Dashie XP and comedy skits on other channels, has amassed over 10 million subscribers across his various YouTube channels. He’s best known for his signature brand of humor, including hood talk, overly incorrect spelling, and screaming in many cases.

His website also offers merchandise such as plushies, t-shirts, and phone cases. His vlogs have become immensely popular with teens and young adults. Fans interested in knowing more can follow his Twitter account for updates about him.

Dashie can be seen reading fan mail and skit bloopers on his other channel, DashieXP2. In addition, another channel dedicated to Dashie hanging out with friends is called ‘Hangin’ With Dashie.’ Additionally, Dashie often compares celebrities with different characters from It. Furthermore, being Dominican-born allows Dashie to speak Spanish and English fluently – as part of his culture!

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Dashie, a Dominican-American YouTuber with over 5 million subscribers across his various platforms, specializes in comedy skits, reading fan mail, and unboxing videos on his channels. Additionally, he sells personalized merchandise such as hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts, and phone cases through these channels.

His main gaming channel, DashieGames, boasts over 5 million subscribers. Here, he plays various video games while providing commentary during each video he uploads – as well as being known for his hyperactive personality and loud voice.

His videos showcase an innovative style of humor, featuring hood talk, exaggerated spelling mistakes, and screaming from people compared to celebrities or movies. Dashie appears to have a concise attention span and may suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Additionally, he seems to have a bald spot and stands short in height; bilingualism also allows him to speak Spanish fluently. Dashie hails from the Dominican Republic but now resides closer to friends in California.

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Dashie is an esteemed YouTube content creator with millions of viewers worldwide watching his animation, gaming, comedy skits, and vlogs. Born in the Dominican Republic but raised in Florida during his youth before moving back home to California as an adult, Dashie’s videos have attracted worldwide acclaim.

His videos attract many followers who comment, though some of these individuals use abusive language and insert spam ads into them – leading him to delete some live streams because of these negative reviews.

DashieXP focuses on vlogs and skits, while DashieXP2 caters to fan mail reading and fan mail reading from previous performances. Furthermore, Dashie has a gaming channel dedicated to new consoles, but this channel has seen limited activity compared to its other two tracks. His website sells merchandise such as T-shirts, stickers, and mugs.