Dark Natural Hair Colors

If you love dark hair but want to refresh it without going blonde, opt for mocha highlights as an attractive solution. These warm, neutral tones add depth without changing their natural hue.

Dark brown with golden undertones works well across skin tones, giving off a subtle yet seductive vibe without going over the top.


Garnet is an ideal stone for Leos and all those with fiery passion and courageous hearts reminiscent of lions. Its vibrant hues and beneficial properties encourage us to step outside our comfort zones in love, life, and career matters.

This smoky red brown has cool tones that work beautifully on dark skin tones. Pair this shade with bold cat eyes and classic red lips for an eye-catching, dramatic look!

Hair colors are identified using the International Color Chart (ICC). Each number represents its primary shade; any number after it indicates secondary hues; for instance, 4.62 is used to refer to Garnier Olia shades that feature red and warm brown tones – for example, this shade comes from Garnier Olia with its base color of 4 with additional warm tones present such as 4. You may also encounter duplicate base numbers like 33/02 for Garnier Nutrisse hair dyeing products.


Woodworkers often misuse the term “mahogany,” yet objective criteria exist for its classification. Woods from the Khaya genus, such as K. anthotheca or K. grandifoliola, do not meet the botanical definition of mahogany but may appear similar; to differentiate these species from Swietenia mahogany, look at the end grain; Khaya species do not display banded parenchyma nor distinct annual growth boundaries as do Swietenia species.

For authentic mahogany furniture, seek out Swietenia macrophylla or Swietenia humilis wood with FSC or PEFC certification. Due to illegal logging practices and overexploitation, both of these species are under threat, so be sure that any supplier can demonstrate sustainable sourcing practices.


Cinnamon is an exquisite natural hair color option for brunettes who want to go bold without bleach. With its rich hues that fall between brown and black, cinnamon offers dimension in terms of its black reflections and violet tones for an eye-catching finish.

Warm cinnamon hues pair perfectly with olive skin tones and green or hazel eyes. For those concerned about too much warmth around their faces, consider creating an ombre effect with lighter highlights that highlight texture without entirely overwhelming it.

Lemon juice is an all-natural dye suitable for dark brown hair that works slowly but safely if pregnant or vegan. Crush walnut shells, boil, calm, and strain before applying regularly for the best results.

Dark Blonde

Dark blonde is the ideal subtle shade to bridge the gap between blonde and brown hair colors for those who desire an easy, maintenance-free solution without going total platinum or bleached out. It offers warm and cool tones and works great with any skin tone, season, or style!

If you still need to decide whether to commit to full balayage, try opting for a face-framing dark blonde highlight instead – perfect for adding dimension without root growth and fade issues but still creating the effect of an all-over tint. This way, you’ll still achieve an all-over paint look!

Matrix colorist George Papanikolas suggests applying a cool, ash-toned dark blonde shade if your blonde locks are warmer or have brassy tones. He says neutralizing warmth through toning once every month should keep your blonde looking natural. He also suggests visiting your local salon regularly for toning sessions to achieve maximum effectiveness.


This dramatic hue is the deepest natural hair color shade available, which boasts an almost blue sheen that may seem black in certain lights and violet in others. Wear with classic red lipstick for an instant beauty statement!

Soft Black is an elegant, dark hair color with timeless sophistication that stands out. This intriguing hue lies between brown and black and looks beautiful against warm or cool skin tones.

If you want a darker tone, consider trying henna. This 100% natural product has been used for centuries as an eco-friendly alternative to chemical hair dyes; plus, it strengthens and nourishes strands – make sure you follow up with regular deep conditioner treatment afterward!