Styles For Dark Midnight Blue Hair

If you have been thinking about dying your hair a cool color like midnight blue, you should consider this look. This color looks stunning on women with pale skin, blue eyes, and an edgy style. You’ll look unique and spunky, and you can achieve this look at home or have your stylist color your hair to suit your personality. Here are some styles for dark midnight blue hair. You can also opt for a blue-green tone for an even more striking look.

Cobalt blue hair color


If you are looking for a deep hair color that will stand out from the rest, consider cobalt blue hair. This color looks stunning when dyed to a deep blue, with varying shades of purple. This is a great choice for those who want to give their hair a unique look without going overboard with boho styling. You can achieve this color with some basic hair care tips and by following a few simple steps.


This intense color is best paired with dark hair. It gives a mysterious, bold vibe. It is ideal for those with rebellious personalities or those who enjoy quirky fashion colors. This color is great for any skin tone and requires little maintenance. Colorado Springs hair stylist Sami has created several designs in this unique color. She has a number of looks with this color and they are all eye-catching. It is also one of the easiest hair colors to maintain, making it an easy choice for anyone who wants to add a little spice to their look.

Ash blue hair color


While an ash blue color isn’t the most flattering shade of the blue hair spectrum, it can actually be a useful addition to any shade of your hair. It is particularly effective for balancing warm tones and adding cool tones. This cool, muted hue is ideal for achieving a glassy look. It also works well on women with pale, cool skin. Here are some tips for achieving the perfect ash blue color on your hair.


The first tip to remember when dyeing your hair ash blue is to use a heat protectant spray. Heat fading occurs quickly, so applying a heat protectant spray before styling hair will keep your color looking fresh. If you’re unsure whether to use a heat protectant spray, you can always try it to make sure that your ash blue color lasts longer. You should also remember that an ash blue hair color fades very fast, so it is important to follow all instructions carefully.

Cobalt blue hair with silver streaks or rainbow ends


Adding a bold pop of blue to your hair is easy with this dramatic hair color. This vibrant shade of blue is an unusually striking choice, and will turn heads. Cobalt blue hair is one of the most popular colors, and it is perfect for creating a dramatic style. Blue hair is cool and chic, and has many variations, including pastel and neon colors. You can experiment with your hair color and add texture, too, to create a unique look. It will never go out of style.


This color is an eye-catching choice and can be worn with any skin tone. It’s also a great choice for people with a medium skin tone. However, if you don’t want to go completely blue, you can choose a lighter shade. Cobalt blue hair is a bold color, so you may need to invest in more products and maintenance. If you’re worried about maintaining the color, try a temporary hair dye, like L’Oreal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup Temporary Blue.

Styles with dark midnight blue hair


A deep, rich color such as dark midnight blue can make an incredible impact on your style. Not only is it beautiful, but it can also tone down the weaknesses of your face. However, this type of hair color is difficult to maintain, so it’s important to find ways to make the most of the color once it’s dyed. Among the most impressive styles with dark blue hair are those that feature an ocean ombre. Adding curls to your hair can also enhance this look, but you may need to bleach your hair first.


One of the most versatile styles with this hair color is a layered bob cut with a purple end. This look is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance look but still want to stand out from the crowd. If you want to be daring, dye the front portion of your hair a vivid midnight blue. This will add some drama to your overall look. Midnight blue is also stunning with a neon green tint.