Dark Hair With Colored Highlights

Add subtle highlights to your dark locks for a chic and timeless style, and prevent them from looking flat. Opt for muted tones that complement your skin tone for the best effect.

Light Brown Balayage

Create an authentically sun-kissed effect while being low maintenance with light brown balayage. It saves you the hassle of frequent touch-ups.

Chestnut Highlights

Dark chestnut hair looks beautiful when combined with subtle highlights. This wavy look pairs chocolate brown with chestnut blonde for a warm, summery feel. Enhance your face-framing strands with rich chestnut highlights and add thin reddish brown baby lights to a wavy bob for a girl-next-door vibe. Pair rich chestnut color with copper highlights for an eye-catching jewel-toned look that draws focus to your eyes.

Honey Blonde Highlights

If you’re a blonde looking to lighten your locks without losing depth and richness, honey highlights are perfect. They pair well with olive and deeper skin tones and work great for all hair textures. Ask your stylist for subtle honey balayage on dark brown locks for warmth and dimension. The honeyed strands blend seamlessly into the base shade for a natural finish that requires minimal touch-ups. For an exquisite balayage finish, use pre-lightener and glow-boosting toner products for optimal results.

Red Highlights

Dark hair with red highlights is an eye-catching and striking style. The contrast of the dark brown base with vibrant red highlights creates an impressive statement. Opt for subtle face-framing tones or an all-over bolder style for maximum impact. Use cool-toned balayage highlighting techniques with neutral shades for a more nuanced look. Curly hair pairs well with copper hues, creating an eye-catching, elegant look paired with a long bob haircut.

Pink Highlights

Dark brown locks make an excellent canvas for pink highlights. Try soft blonde shades of pink or rose gold for a subtle, feminine style, or go bold with a pink and purple combination for a striking statement color choice.

Ashy Highlights

Ash brown highlights on dark hair create an edgy yet natural-looking style. These delicate ribbons of light add dimension and brightness against rich chocolate tones. Choose a hue one or two shades lighter than your base color for seamless blending. Cool-tone highlights like silver or platinum can look striking when applied to ashy brown locks using balayage. For a bolder look, add ash-blonde highlights in various shades, from deep chocolate to golden honey.

Minimalist Highlights

Accent highlights are perfect for adding vibrant hues to dark hair without making a long-term commitment. They enhance your natural shade without overpowering your beautiful strands. Balayage offers an elegant gradient effect for long dark hair, achieving a light brown shade without touching the roots. Butter honey highlights are an excellent option for a subtle approach to blonde, adding dimension and depth to your locks.