Dark Hair With Colored Highlights

Girls with blonde locks usually enjoy more choices when it comes to highlighting, but dark-haired women also have many natural-looking and fashion color highlights available to them. Ask your stylist to add chestnut highlights that complement the brown hue in your locks for a framing effect that complements their brown base color.

Spiced copper highlights

Spiced copper highlights add warmth and vibrancy to wavy, dark hair. Their warm hues look radiant against an olive complexion.

Minimalistic Light Brown Highlights

Add a pop of color to your dark brown locks by incorporating subtle accents that blend into the shade seamlessly, such as minimalist highlights that blend in seamlessly. These accents create a halo effect over the top of your head that appears hand-painted in layers of light and dark chambray shades.

Copper Highlights

Add an eye-catching accent with copper highlights on natural-looking dark brown strands for an eye-catching touch that adds warmth and dimension. Plus, these copper highlights help frame your face!

Balayage Technique

Another way to frame your face is by adding some blonde highlights to your natural brown strands using the balayage technique, creating a gradient effect and giving the illusion that they have been kissed by the sun – something this style looks great with either updos or downs! Plus, this style looks fantastic either way!

Cool Diva Girl Look

Dark brunettes can achieve sophistication by adding minimal light brown highlights that frame their face with subtle ashy shades that frame their face and subdue brassy yellow tones from their roots, providing shine and gloss to their strands.

Reddish Pink Highlights

If you want something bolder, ask your colorist to add reddish-pink highlights on top of your rich toffee brown locks. These girly accents elevate conventional toasty highlights and show off your inner diva!

Sophisticated Bob Haircut

Opt for bold red highlights on a sophisticated bob haircut for an eye-catching and seductive look. Subtle red streaks will appear as subtle undertones in your natural shade rather than bright, vivid highlights; Joan Smalls shows us just how stunning a touch of color can look on a wavy bob haircut.

Dark Brown Balayage with Barely-There Highlights

If you’re torn between going blonde or staying brunette, balayage with barely-there highlights is an ideal compromise. The light brown hues comprising this look are only one or two shades lighter than your brunette base hue for seamless blending and natural sun-kissed strands.

Vibrant Copper Streaks

If a more vibrant hair color is your jam, copper streaks in a dark chocolate mane may be just what the doctor ordered. The warm metallic shade adds an exotic yet effortless flare that draws attention to your locks without seeming overwhelming or excessively bold. An ombre look featuring these vibrant hues looks even better when coupled with face-framing highlights in front of your tresses by an experienced stylist.

Cascading Balayage

Copper makes for a fantastic hair accessory when worn in its deep red tone that complements dark brown locks, particularly cool-toned brunettes, and looks stunning when applied through cascading balayage around your head or bangs.

Spicy Copper Curls

Warm tones add even more drama and appeal to dark hair with colored highlights, particularly when combined with peachy ribbons, for an authentic sun-kissed appearance. When opting for this technique, be sure to use shampoo explicitly designed for color-treated locks to prevent fading of color and premature loss.

Wavy Hairstyle

Copper tones can add depth and dimension to espresso-colored locks, creating the effect of caramelized hues when styled in a wavy hairstyle that highlights your natural texture.

Subtle Copper Rinse

If you need more time to decide whether to commit to a full copper wash, try opting for a subtle copper rinse on both your roots and ends for an effortless hair highlight. It will keep your look beautiful without needing frequent touchups!

Zesty Pink Highlights

Peachy pink highlights add a feminine touch without going too bold, especially when worn on dark hair with light brown highlights and subtle blonde streaks. It makes an eye-catching statement at family events while not giving Grandma heartburn! It is an ideal solution for ladies looking to stand out without alarming anyone at family functions.

Narrower Streaks

Rather than commit to full-head pink, consider opting for narrower pink and blue streaks on your crown. These thinner streaks will highlight your complexion while adding shimmery shine to your locks – be sure to use a nourishing hair treatment like Nioxin to keep this color looking healthy and vibrant; temporary or permanent dyeing techniques may be used depending on personal preferences.