Going From Dark Hair to Blonde

Are you hoping for the perfect blonde look that looks natural yet healthy-looking? Achieving it will require time, patience, and assistance from trusted professionals. Finding your ideal shade of blonde depends on natural color, eye color, and skin tone. There are various methods of reaching that goal, such as highlighting, balayage, or ombre, which use bleach to lighten specific strands rather than your entire head.

Warm Blonde

Caramel-colored blonde is the ideal hue to ease the transition from dark hair to blonde, as its warm undertones complement both cool and warm skin tones. If you want to go from dark hair shade to blonde, expect at least two lighting appointments (more if your locks are thick). As it takes more time and work to bleach thicker strands than thin ones, appointments could last several days for each visit. Use highlights, balayage, or ombre techniques to gradually lighten your hair without overprocessing. These processes involve hand-painting bleach onto individual strands before leaving them alone to develop naturally for an understated result. Maintain your blonding schedule using color-safe hair dye every six weeks. We suggest the INVIGO Blonde Recharge Cool Blonde Color Refreshing Conditioner if your hair has cool tones and the INVIGO Blonde Recharge Warm Blonde Color Refreshing Conditioner if it has warm tones – which helps counter yellow pigments that may arise over time and maintain its blonde hues.

Cool Blonde

Rachel Brosnahan, Emilia Clarke, and Scarlett Johansson experimented with blonde highlights at some point – an effort that often requires multiple salon visits per session. But with these handy tips for maintaining fresh blonde highlights, you can minimize damage and keep the color looking new for longer! Before choosing between cool or warm blonde, it’s essential to consider your skin tone (or consult your colorist). Cool-toned women should opt for shades like ash or platinum; warm-toned ladies can try strawberry or honey tones instead. Once you’ve selected your shadow, a toner is critical for maintaining blonde hair. Toners help neutralize unwanted yellow and brassy tones to maintain vibrant locks while softening strands to give a healthier and less dry appearance. With such a wide variety of toner shades, finding your ideal match shouldn’t be an issue!

Dark Blonde

Going from dark hair to blonde has become quite the trend, thanks to influencers making the transition appear effortless. Unfortunately, most don’t realize that switching up shades requires multiple visits to the salon. Pittsburgh colorist Marissa Pusateri made this clear when posting an Instagram color correction post showing just how difficult a transition from brunette to blonde can be. If you are naturally a brunette looking to lighten your locks, try adding highlights, as Priyanka Chopra Jonas did with her face-framing caramel locks. These rich, warm hues will help create an alluring sun-kissed look that will last throughout the season. Go for a subtle dark blonde ombre like Laverne Cox’s chocolate roots to strawberry blonde balayage with honey ribbons throughout – this will add depth and dimension while not necessitating as many touchups as all-over bleaching does!

Light Blonde

Going from dark shades to light blonde can be an extended process. Clients with box-colored or previously dyed hair may require multiple sessions before reaching their desired light blonde shade. A good colorist must disclose all client history information so they can accurately estimate how many treatments will be necessary to get the desired blonde hue. Before beginning any lightening process, clients must ensure their hair is healthy. Solano notes that healthy locks respond more readily to lighteners. So, she recommends deep conditioning treatments like the OGX Extra Strength Hydrate