Dark Hair and Highlights

Dark hair can seem intimidating, but highlights can help create an eye-catching new look without going too light. Our highlighting techniques work great with protective styles like wavy or curly locks, box braids, and lace front wigs for optimal results. Play with a sandy balayage look on your dark brown locks for an unexpected change! Your stylist can use the Foilayage technique to carefully paint lighter tones without harsh grow-out lines for an eye-catching effect.

Ash Brown

Ash brown is ideal if you want something light without going completely blonde. It features the same luminous shine of blonde while offering more dimension and looks great with cool skin tones. If you want to try ash brown hair, ask your colorist about using the foilage technique. This involves wrapping each section of hair in individual foil sheets before coloring, similar to hand painting but more natural-looking! It produces an authentic, lived-in appearance. To keep an ash-brown hue looking its best, opt for a semi-permanent direct dye with silver undertones to avoid and reduce brassiness. Available at most salons and designed to resist fading, these products should also protect from damage through products like Dove Renew Dry Shampoo and Conditioner.


Caramel is a deliciously creamy hue that pairs beautifully with any hair color – particularly dark hair, whose rich tones lighten and brighten naturally. To achieve a bolder caramel ombre effect, start with lighter tones at the roots, gradually transitioning through balayage into darker tones on the ends for maximum impact. This tawny caramel look is ideal for lighting up without going too blonde. Soft highlights frame your face and showcase your stunning cheekbones, creating an effortlessly chic style. Pair this look with a long layered bob for maximum effect. Baby caramel brown highlights work beautifully against a dark brunette canvas, offering an excellent alternative to foil highlights, which require bleach and balayage and utilize freehand dyeing techniques.

Copper Curls

Copper hair can add some zest to any style but requires regular upkeep for optimal health and vibrancy. To minimize maintenance requirements while still rocking this fiery shade, ask your stylist about light copper highlights – these mix peach blonde hues with subtle streaks of ginger and red for an eye-catching yet low-maintenance solution! Consider this contemporary take on the face-framing highlight trend: copper highlights will adorn your features against a rich brunette base color, making your facial features pop against it all. This look works best with longer locks that you feel confident maintaining yourself. Copper lowlights are an effortless way to add subtle warmth to your face for the fall and winter seasons. The style pairs nicely with long bob cuts and looks great on women of all ages who wish to keep their length.

Mandarin Flamingo Pink

Mandarin shade hair color is one of the more vibrant choices, particularly on dark locks. From subtle face-framing ribbons to all-over balayage techniques, mandarin adds dimension without deviating too far from one’s natural shade. If your clients prefer something less daring, add mahogany or copper highlights on dark brown hair for a subtle contrast. These warm tones will complement any skin tone while helping your client avoid brassy or yellow hues over time.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is an exquisite hue to add a pop of shimmering color to any hair color, be it blonde, brown, or even red! Rose gold pairs well with any blonde or brown base and can be used as highlights, ombre, or balayage techniques. To give a bolder look, try using pink or peach rose gold highlights on blonde locks – this look works particularly well when applied as bang highlights and can give them an eye-catching style! Rose gold highlights can make a dark look all the more striking, making this trend both elegant and unique. To try this trend, lighten your strands using either the balayage or dip-dye method before having your stylist apply rose gold ombre at the ends of your hair. An irresistibly elegant rose gold bob is sure to draw everyone’s eye! To maintain its glory and keep its color looking its best, ensure you use a heat protectant and style with low to no heat when styling it.