Dark Brunette Hair With Highlights

Dying your hair with highlights is an easy and subtle way to update your look, adding slight color variations that create an organic effect. Adding subtle highlights may create a soft yet natural aesthetic if you have dark brunette locks.

Golden brown highlights:

Golden brown highlights will add warmth and vibrance to your complexion, complementing its warmth with its rich hue. They look incredibly gorgeous on wavy hair.

Subtle Highlights:

There’s often the assumption that highlights for dark hair must be bold and high-contrast, but subtle highlights can add just as much impact. Consider consulting your colorist about caramel baby lights that create a sun-kissed effect or partial peek-a-boo highlights for dimensional looks without too much maintenance.

Sombre highlights:

If a whole ombre is too daunting for your tastes, why not opt for somber highlights instead? According to Naselli, this technique “is like an “ombre,” only with gradual gradient rather than focused highlights at the roots.”

Red highlights:

Red highlights make an excellent option for brunettes with warm skin tones, especially those who opt for natural-looking bob haircuts. Ask your stylist to use BlondorPlex 6% lift sections while Koleston Perfect 5/73 4/0 refine the chocolate brown base, unlike extremely vibrant blonde highlights, which may appear unnatural on dark locks. Subtle red highlights appear natural against dark tresses while creating a stunning frame around their faces – the ideal face frame to complete this chic bob cut look!

Light Brown Highlights:

If you want to experiment with highlights but are hesitant about going blonde, consider light brown balayage highlights instead. This subtle transformation will provide beautiful results without altering the natural hue of your locks.

Golden blonde highlights:

For something a bit daring, add ribbons of golden blonde highlights to your dark brunette hair for an adventurous California-girl vibe that fuses casualness with sophistication.

Caramel highlights:

Caramel highlights are an elegant classic that adds a vibrant glow to any look. They pair perfectly with any complexion and can easily be worn year-round!

Auburn highlights:

For an eye-catching yet dramatic look, opt for rich auburn highlights. Not only will they draw the eye, but it is an ideal compromise when deciding between blonde and brunette hair colors.

Blonde Highlights:

Dark brown hair with blonde highlights is a stunning look that adds depth and dimension. It can be accomplished in various ways, from very light hues like icy blonde to caramel balayage that makes more of an understated statement.

Cool-toned balayage:

Asksk your stylist about a cool-toned balayage technique using lighter blonde tones (such as an ashy blonde) over your dark brunette base col for an effortless natural lookor. This will produce flattering highlights with less maintenance due to not being vibrant blonde hues.

Sun-kissed style:

Try this look by asking your stylist for a sun-kissed style with ashy blonde highlights on the ends. Your color will fade naturally without abruptly transitioning between your brown roots and blonde tips, creating an appealing blend that still looks great when your locks grow out. This highlighting technique makes a gorgeous blend that won’t look out of place when protective styles such as goddess locs or braids come off!

Soft Brown Highlights:

Dark brown hair with highlights made up of warmer tones offers a soft and natural-looking contrast that’s ideal for those who wish to brighten their color without going blonde. Try adding rich hazelnut highlights that blend in seamlessly into the brunette base for an all-over sun-kissed look, or ask your colorist to stay within two shades of your base shade for easy maintenance.

Cool-toned balayage:

Alternatively, for something genuinely daring, try cool-toned balayage. This technique uses lighter blonde tones (such as icy or ashy blonde) to lighten brunette hair without bleaching, adding depth and dimension, especially if your haircut features layers.

Effective haircare routine:

Just be sure to invest in an effective haircare routine so your highlights last as long as possible, says Van Dyke. He recommends opting for products that combine natural oils with color-depositing formulations in order to keep the hue bright.