Rich Brunette Hair Color Ideas

Brunette hair color can add beauty and enhance any length and texture, framing faces beautifully while making skin glow and eye colors pop!

From light honey brown hues to deep cocoa hues, brunette locks look fantastic. Sparkling highlights and balayage techniques offer easy ways to add low-maintenance lightness to darker brunette locks, whether your goal is going blonder or staying classic. These captivating hues will bring life back into your mane!

Deep Brown on Layered Curly Hair

Brunettes have more color choices available to them than their blonde and red counterparts; from adding pops of color with highlights to striking dark brown balayage styles, you’ll love your locks after exploring these ideas for rich brunette hair color!

Dark sun-kissed shades of brown make long layered hair look luxurious. Select a warm neutral hue that gradates into lighter camel tones for an effective transition, while this all-over brunette shade looks especially lovely on wavy or curly textures. Use purple shampoo to guard against brassiness!

Soft Brunette Balayage

Brunette balayage is an increasingly popular beauty trend that pairs perfectly with dark hair. If you don’t want a drastic color contrast, ask your stylist for a subtle blend of warm blonde hues on your locks instead.

Your stylist can use Teasylights to give your strands a sun-kissed finish by applying soft and subtle highlights for an irresistibly sun-kissed glow. Teasylights work exceptionally well with cool skin tones and pair beautifully with brown hair colors.

Increase the life and vibrance of your new hue with a hair care routine that protects it against free radical damage, like Wella’s color-depositing shampoo. Your locks will remain looking healthy all of the time!

Dark Roast Coffee Brown

Dark coffee brown makes an excellent base shade for balayage treatments, such as Jessica Alba’s. Her rich hue is enhanced with caramel highlights that stand out and bring out her green eyes.

If you prefer more subtle looks, face-framing highlights are an effective solution. Your colorist will lighten only those strands that frame your face and add enough warmth to enhance your features without dramatically altering their colors.

Warm coffee brown hues look amazing and complement most skin tones, so consult your salon professional about utilizing high-quality hair dye that keeps your strands healthy and color-safe shampoo and conditioner products to preserve them.

Soft Golden Highlights

Warm golden hues create a soft, cozy effect in this balayage highlight job for a dark brunette’s hair, creating soft baby lights of blonde that blend beautifully with her deep brown tone, making for an easy maintenance color that looks natural.

For an understated twist on this style, try cool beige highlights. These sandy blonde shades bordering ash brown will add subtle gold highlights that won’t look brassy in your brunette locks.

Try a dark honey ombre instead if you still need to get quite ready to commit. This warm neutral shade transitions gradually towards lighter blonde at the ends and looks fantastic on curly locks – Zendaya would look stunning sporting such an ombre hue!

Ash Brown Hair

Cool ash tones have become one of the season’s hottest hair color trends, prompting many brunettes to switch up their style with darker hue variations. From solid color applications to ombre or balayage techniques, dark ash brown adds depth and sparkle to strands.

Ask your stylist for a soft, ashy brunette balayage with pale golden highlights to refresh your strands without making them too light. Use shampoo and conditioner without sulfates or parabens to preserve their rich brown hue.

For an eye-catching transformation, opt for a more dramatic change: opt for a rooted ice-blonde ombre style with deep brown roots to thicken and fill up your strands while providing face-framing highlights.

Mahogany Copper

Browns and reds blend beautifully, creating this sophisticated hue. To achieve it, ask your stylist to lighten your base brown color using Koleston Perfect before toning with dark mahogany copper toner.

To maintain a vibrant mahogany hair color, using sulfate-free shampoos and heat protection when styling is best. This hue works exceptionally well in balancing cool skin tones; therefore, it will flatter darker complexions. Ask your stylist to add copper brown highlights for an eye-catching combination of colors; it works excellent whether straightened out or styled into tight, bouncy curls!