Dark Brown Hair Ideas That Frame Your Face

Dark brown hair is a timeless classic. Add flair and face-framing balayage highlights for added interest – they work wonders on women with cool skin tones and jewel-toned eyes! This chocolate hue with subtle red undertones stands out, creating an eye-catching effect. Ask your stylist to highlight specific pieces that frame your face.

Layered Cut

The layered cut can work on hair of all lengths but is particularly beautiful on medium brown locks. Keep it classic with a shoulder-length amount, or add some edge by creating a longer side fringe. Finally, pair this style with low-maintenance blonde highlights that frame your face for an eye-catching and stunning look!

Your long-layered haircut looks fabulous in any shade of brown, be it a choppy bob or a wispy lob. A few dramatic ombre highlights, two-toned balayage, or color trends like cherry red or copper blonde can bring it together for maximum impact.

Chunky Highlights

Modernizing 90s chunky highlights, this eye-catching hair color technique blends different techniques into an eye-catching, striking, and chic style. Combining copper and blonde highlights gives a long wolf cut an exciting new dimension while heightening its shaggy texture for maximum drama.

Alternatively, ask your stylist to add face-framing highlights a shade lighter than your brown base color for a subtler version of this trend. These shimmering tendrils will fit seamlessly with any hairstyle!

Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights are an effective and natural way to lighten dark brown hair color, adding warmth and dimension while framing your face for an attractive appearance. This look works best on medium wavy to curly brown hair. To achieve it, caramel highlights should be painted using the balayage technique, in which sections of highlights are hand-painted. They begin a few inches from the root area and gradually fade into their natural hue.

Gray Hair

Grey hair can look breathtaking when combined with rich and dark brown hues. Consult with your stylist about creating a chocolate-toned balayage to complement your locks’ grey roots. An off-center part accentuates the asymmetry of this long, dark brown hairstyle. Pair it with straight or wavy locks for an elegant and timeless look. Lily Tomlin proves that gray hair can be just as fashionable when styled correctly. Her scattered grays highlight her dark strands and complement her face-framing bangs beautifully.

Caramel Balayage

Caramel balayage is an increasingly popular technique to add multidimensional color to dark brown hair, providing natural-looking highlights without harsh lines that often accompany foil highlights. Balayage works well on all hair textures, including curly locks. Here, dark chocolate locks have been refreshed with face-framing caramel balayage that emphasizes this bob haircut’s light and dark components.

Soft Brunette Balayage

Cool shades of brown in this balayage look great against a brunette’s natural shade, accentuating her inner glow while providing contrast against her dark base color. Reverse balayage hair coloring techniques look incredible on brunettes! Her top strands feature light sun-kissed blonde highlights, transitioning seamlessly to warm caramel tones for the ideal summer look!

Coffee Brown Balayage

For an effortlessly natural style, try coffee brown balayage. It works beautifully on all hair textures, from straight to curly or wavy, and will add just a hint of warmth without going overboard. If you aren’t ready to commit fully to blonde, consider asking your stylist for a subtle fade of creamy blonde highlights that frame your face beautifully with its ashy brown roots.

Honey Highlights

Opting for wispy honey blonde highlights instead of going full-on for complete head bleaching can add natural-looking dimension and depth to your hair color. This technique works particularly well if you have naturally dark roots; additionally, this approach makes lightening up without completely transitioning. Your stylist can also apply partial peek-a-boo highlights for a subtler effect, for an alternative balayage look that pairs nicely with caramel baby lights and a face-framing layered haircut.

Mocha Brown Balayage

Whether your hair is shoulder length or long, mocha brown balayage works wonders on any shade of brown. It is an effective way to lighten your color without completely switching it up while remaining low-maintenance and easy to style. This stunning, cool bronde shade complements almost every facial structure and will lighten dark roots without bleaching. Your colorist will hand-paint this warm bronde shade throughout your locks for an invisibly blended effect.