Cutting Short Hair at Home

Get the Right Scissors

Cutting your short hair at home is a great way to maintain your look between salon visits. Instead of using household scissors, investing in professional haircutting shears is better to ensure even cuts. Regular scissors can damage your hair and cause split ends. Look for hair scissors that are designed specifically for cutting hair. Consider factors like blade type, purpose, and desired control. Professional hairdressers prefer longer scissors for greater precision. Choose scissors with soft grip handles for comfort and reduced hand pain.

Prep Your Hair

Transitioning to short hair can be intimidating if you’re used to having long locks. To make the process easier, create an ideal workspace by clearing a chair or bathroom and covering the floor with plastic sheets. Wet your hair before starting, and protect your clothing. Look for inspirational photos of short hairstyles to choose the right length and cut that suits your face shape. Remember that hairstyles can grow back, so don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out as expected.

Make the Cut

Whether experienced or just trying to maintain your haircut, DIY trimming can make a difference. Cutting dry hair gives you an idea of how it will look when wet. For a precise cut, detangle your hair, comb through it with a wide-toothed comb, and clip it in small sections. Use a hairbrush to pull through your shorter locks to avoid accidentally cutting too much hair.