Cute Up Hairstyles For Everyday Looks and Special Occasions

Nothing beats a cute updo for adding feminine charm and appeal to any look, be it casual or for a special occasion. They’re highly adaptable and suitable for various hair textures and lengths.

Showcase your gorgeous locks with an elegant low bun or teased crown updo for long hair, complete with floral hair accessories to complete the look.

Loose Updo

The loose updo hairstyle is an easy, romantic way to combine elegance and glamour into one cute updo. It works best on medium length locks with natural volume or movement.

Consider adding beaded or floral hair accessories like beaded combs to customize this chignon look created with bobby pins and hairspray.

Feature Side Twist

Passion twists are an eye-catching and simple way to keep your locks protected while growing out their length. They can be styled to highlight thin wispy strands, giving you a youthful, girly look. Adding a beaded pattern on your scalp adds contrast between braids and natural locks.

Opt for a jumbo side twist for an elegant touch. Style it with gold or silver hair accessories for a gorgeous look that turns heads.

Low Middle Bun

Low middle buns are versatile hairstyles suitable for any occasion, from casual days to formal events like summer weddings. Create a loose, messy version for a more relaxed summer wedding hairdo. This style works best on medium and long length locks.

Try misting with light hold hair spray to soften the look further. Add thick curtain bangs to soften and frame your face for an overall softer appearance.

Classic Bun with Bow

A classic bun adorned with a bow is an eye-catching and chic style suitable for women of all ages, especially for formal events. It’s a great way for short-haired ladies to add feminine flair.

Achieve a polished look with a classic black braided bun adorned with an adorable bow, perfect for evening concerts or road trips.

Elevate cornrows with an adorable hair bow bun, perfect for those with round features and thicker locks. Tilt the bow in either direction for added drama and consider adding flower clips for a romantic flair.