Cute Trendy Hairstyles For Back to School

An updated hairstyle can transform your appearance, and is especially essential when returning to school. These cute trendy hairstyles are easy to perform and will have you looking great all day long!

Beachy-Inspired Braid:

With this beachy-inspired braid, bring some beach vibes into the classroom or for hanging out with friends on sunny afternoons. It makes the ideal look!

Twisted Pull-Back:

This twisted style may be needed if you want a stylish way to keep your hair out of your face and highlight your temp fade cut. Secure its base by tying hair ties around each twist for added security.

Eye-Catching Design:

Switch up the parting for an eye-catching design! A zig-zag part will ensure that your flat twists stand out.

Braided Half-Up Half-Down:

Half-up and half-down hairstyles are easy yet sophisticated styling choices that work well with multiple haircuts. Not only are these fun looks easy to achieve, but they add sophistication to any ensemble!

Individual Style with Accessories:

Use hair accessories to give your braids an individual style. Wrap a bandana around your head to add color or pattern, or use a silk scarf to elevate and elevate your tone further.

Stylish Feminine Look:

This stylish hairstyle is ideal for women looking to embrace their femininity. This hairdo is perfect for formal events and date nights, especially when paired with vintage-inspired attire.

Braided Braids:

Braids are an elegant and protective hairstyle suitable for women of all hair textures, from fine to coarse locks. Customize your braid style by adding braid pins or volumizing spray. Pull-through braids give off a chic boho-chic aesthetic which pairs exceptionally well with an edgy fade.

Trendy African Braids:

African braids like those pictured here are both fashionable and chic. Also known as Ghana braids or one-layer crazy cornrows, this style has recently gained immense popularity online. Pair it with bold colors or gold cuffs for added flair!

Textured Crown Braids:

An alternative way to make cornrows stand out is to style them as textured crown braids, creating an eye-catching style perfect for outdoor events or simply everyday office life.

Slicked Back Bun:

Nothing is quite as elegant as a perfectly-slicked back bun, making waves across social media with models and influencers like Bella Hadid and Jourdan Dunn showcasing this modern updo on and off red carpets. Perfect for the “clean girl aesthetic,” its versatility means it can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit and makeup choices.

Caution with Tight Buns:

Slick-back buns may look beautiful, but they can also harm the delicate hairline underneath them. “Tight buns place pressure on a fragile scalp that puts strain on thin and delicate locks,” according to Justin Toves-Vincillone of Authentic Beauty Concepts, and can lead to dull aches or even immediate fox eyes.

Taylor Swift Inspired Bangs:

Taylor Swift epitomizes effortless-chic style. From vintage dresses and simple bobs, she has perfected the art of pairing ancient and modern aesthetics. Taylor is known to sport long locks and choppy bangs that are on trend, while her iconic red lip completes her signature style. This hairstyle is perfect for casual events like shopping trips and brunch with friends. Pair it with floral or boho tops to complete the look. Taylor Swift-inspired styles work exceptionally well on oval and heart-shaped faces with long or medium-length locks.

Twisted Fishtail Braid:

If you have a knack for fishtail braids, chances are you are also adept at crafting an unusual three-strand twist variation of this adorable hairstyle. Though more challenging, it adds an exciting edge to formal chignons and at-home updos. Make your pigtails stand out with this captivating braid style for an eye-catching makeover that will have them looking sophisticated and mature – perfect for date night! Just be sure to use some hair pins to keep the braid from unraveling!