Cute Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long haired ladies can easily add an irresistibly cute summer flair with a high ponytail for added style this season. Perfect for beach days and formal dinner dresses alike.

Another popular style choice is a casual side braid. This charming look pairs beautifully with lacy dresses, while softening more masculine or formal ensembles.

Beach Waves

Long wavy hair can be styled effortlessly with just a few sprays of sea salt spray and scrunching the strands for a natural beachy vibe. Or use low heat setting curl your strands and pin up with silk scrunchies for more coiffed version of this look.

For an effortless modern bob with loads of texture, try this quick and easy no-heat trick: divide freshly washed strands into two sections starting behind the ears, tightly twist each section before unwinding it and blow-drying to create spiral curls reminiscent of beach waves. Add definition with texturizing products if necessary – perfect for date night or girls’ night out!


Pigtails may seem childish, but they remain an iconic hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. Their name stems from chewing tobacco resembling the curly tail of a pig; sailors and soldiers began wearing their hair in this style shortly thereafter, leading to its popularization among us today.

For an easy summer look with straight hair, try styling loose pigtails at the nape of your neck with some face-framing strands dangling loose. Pairing this look with accessories like scarves or hats makes this style effortlessly chic!

For an extra voluminous style, tightly braid your pigtails and secure them with elastic bands for a romantic and textural look, as seen on Yara Shahidi in this style from Vogue magazine. Fluff out each segment to add volume – something Priyanka Chopra does to create her romantic and textural look in warmer months. This style also works beautifully when worn with long curtain bangs like on her.