Cute Simple Little Girl Hairstyles

If your little girl has long hair, try this cute and effortless style for her long locks: wrap three braids around each other and secure with hairpins. Make her feel like royalty with this darling and easy hairdo! Use the tail of her rat tail comb to create an off-center partition for added flair.

Half Up/Half Down

Cute yet easy hairstyles like this one for little girls are great ways to keep her locks out of her face and look adorable on any family outing or special event. Gather her hair into two high pigtails, tease lightly, and wrap each around to form a bow shape – quick and straightforward! This adorable style stands out thanks to the special touches added by Mom. A sweet pink bow adds a special touch, showing that mom cares about how her daughter looks.

If your child has long, thick hair, try this elegant style to impress friends at parties and overcome shyness at family dinners. Start by splitting her locks into three French braids on either side before pulling up to create a double bun at the back. It is sure to turn heads at both events!

Twin Messy Buns

If your girl prefers her hair up, this style may be ideal. Divide her locks into two pigtails that sit high on her head and twist each into a cute, messy bun before adding a bow at the back for added flair! She’ll feel like royalty in no time with this princess-worthy look! This makes an excellent hairstyle suitable for any special occasion or formal event and makes her feel glamorous!

Make this style your own by leaving out a section of hair at the side instead of completely pinning back, creating a boho chic vibe while looking beautiful. This hairstyle is ideal for girls with curly locks who wish to show it off. Long, thick curls may require styling gel or hairspray, while flaunting her curls with an elegant pastel bow can add even more charm.

Twisted Front Ends

As you rush around to get everyone ready for the day, packing lunches and backpacks, and tending to other necessary duties, it can be easy to let her hair take second place regarding priorities. But even with limited time, she can look her best with a cute little girl look that will make her feel important and unique.

Beginning with clean, dry hair brushed free from tangles, part it straight down the middle and pull both sides into high pigtails,, either high on her head for a high pony or lower for a a low pigtail. Twist each pigtail into a decorative braid that spans her front to meet in the middle of her forehead, and finish it with a cute bow for an elegant style perfect for school, parties, or formal events. This look works equally well on medium-length or long-haired girls!

Bubble Braid

A bubble braid may look complex, but it’s pretty straightforward. Start with two standard pigtails or ponytails and secure them with elastic bands about an inch apart along the length of hair to form cute little bubble shapes. To add texture and prevent tangling, Colombini suggests spraying each strand with the volumizing product or salt spray to add volume while adding texture without becoming tangled up in knots.

If your daughter has long hair, try this intricate style that looks stunning on any girl. Create a low ponytail, secure its front strands with hairpins, and finish the look with an adorable bow or other hair accessory for an exquisite finish! Perfect for formal events and special outings. Plus, this style works equally well on straight or wavy locks!