Cute Simple Hairstyles For Girls

Cute yet simple hairstyles for girls are an easy way to keep her locks out of her face during school and playtime, creating attractive yet eye-catching looks. Take advantage of these fabulous options that are sure to turn heads!

1. High Ponytail

High ponytails will turn heads at any formal or casual office event, whether slick and straight or loose and wavy. Try teasing near the base to add volume before finishing with a medium-hold hairspray to complete this style.

2. Twisted Ponytail

Add a playful twist to your girls’ jumbo braid ponytail for added style, and wear it at special events or daily. Perfect for medium to long-length hair. Tease the twisted hair to add volume, then top off their look with a bow for added flair. This hairstyle looks best on straight locks but can work for any hair texture.

3. Fishtail Braid

Cute yet effortless hairstyles for girls that work both for school and special events. Fishtail braids combine the ease of a ponytail with eye-catching details that flatter every girl. Beginning with a low ponytail, twirl it into a fishtail by feeding small strands underneath the braid rather than crossing them over like with traditional fishtails. Here are easy pictured instructions!

4. Big Waves

Teen girls love to show their styles by sporting intricate braids or ringlet curls. Try this adorable combination of bubble pony and regular braids! Start with a bubble pony at the top, divide it into two, and finish it with traditional braids down towards the bottom – remember a few hairbows to complete this chic style!

5. High Ponytail with Braids

Braids can make for an attractive school hairstyle for girls of any age. Braids are simple enough to do at home and keep her locks out of her face throughout the day. A braided ponytail is a stylish yet easy look that is perfect for any special event or casual gathering. Add an unexpected element by including a waterfall braid into this style for extra fun, or pair this look with flowers to add that special finishing touch!

6. High Ponytail with Rubber Bands

This diamond rubber band look is ideal if your girl wants something different. Here, they twisted her hair back into a braided pattern with two big bands, creating this diamond rubber band look. Enhance a simple, smooth ponytail with this elegant style featuring braids and an adorable bow for a fun look suitable for special events or school days. This playful style will surely stand out amongst its peers!

7. Messy Bun

Cool hairstyles for girls don’t have to be complex. This look combines a fishtail braid with a low, messy bun for an effortlessly stylish style. Just use bobby pins to haphazardly tuck any loose strands around the base of your bun, adding some texturing spray for extra volume and body. This look is ideal for wavy or curly locks, offering an alternative to the standard ponytail style, and can be worn to fancy events and everyday wear.

8. High Ponytail with Curls

An elegant high ponytail with curls would make an excellent statement piece, suitable for any special event or casual wear. Add some bangs for a sleek and sophisticated look while showing off her lovely locks! It will create an eye-catching school ensemble.

9. High Ponytail with Side Braids

Ponytails with side braids make for an eye-catching yet playful style like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has. Complete your look by adding a scrunchie as a chic finishing touch! Opt for a lace-braided ponytail for an ultra-glam and fashionable style, complete with loose, face-framing bangs for an irresistibly stunning finish.

10. Wavy Hairstyle

Wavy locks have texture and movement galore; let your barber highlight this fact! Have them taper the back and sides to create a sleek appearance, leaving your top hair long to be styled into a middle-parted bun or polished back with pomade. Move away from the messy ponytail by creating a high-side pony with fringe bangs. Accessorize this look with a headband Dutch braid and some hairspray for the finishing touch.