Cute Short Haircuts For Women in 2020

Cute short haircuts for women are versatile and can suit any personality. They offer endless styling options, from adding texture and volume to going for a sleek and glamorous look. Here are some examples of cute short haircuts for women in 2020:

Lachlan Watson – Non-Binary Actor

Lachlan Watson, who identifies as non-binary, is a young transgender actor known for their role as Theo in Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series. Recently, they transformed their look with peroxide blonde locks. The show’s upcoming season promises exciting musical numbers for fans to enjoy.

Diane Kruger – German Actress and Model

Diane Kruger, a German actress and fashion model, is known for her beauty and acting talent. She has appeared in advertisements for brands like Chanel and Salvatore Ferragamo. Her pixie cut with bangs is a chic and feminine style that frames the eyes for an eye-catching finish.

Lilly Collins – Star of Emily in Paris

Lilly Collins, who plays Emily Cooper in Netflix’s Emily in Paris, rocks an adorable pixie cut. To add some sexiness and frame her face more effectively, she styles it with a deep side parting. This summer haircut is cute, versatile, and suitable for any color. Texturizing spray can help achieve the look quickly.

Scarlett Johansson – Versatile hair Chameleon

Scarlett Johansson loves switching her look, from pixie cuts to bobs and long locks. Her cute short haircut features playful, feathery layers that perfectly frame her face. The top is teased up for added height, while the back and sides have jagged cuts for an eye-catching style.

Chloe Moretz – Shag Haircut

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz sports an adorable shag haircut with side-swept bangs that frame her face perfectly. She can be seen in films like Miseducation of Cameron Post and Shadow in the Cloud, as well as voicing Wednesday Addams in the upcoming adaptation of The Addams Family.

Kaley Cuoco – Short and Sharp Pixie Cut

Kaley Cuoco expresses herself through her hair, and her recent look includes an elegant short, sharp, layered pixie cut with dark roots. Her signature style is the pixie cut with face-framing bangs highlighting her beautiful blue eyes. Paired with feminine clothing and shoes, it inspires those with bobs.

Li Yuchun – Chinese Pop Star

Li Yuchun rose to fame as a pop star in China. A classic blunt bob is her timeless choice, but adding color or texture can give it extra flair. Bangs also add depth to this cut. Achieve the look by washing the hair with texturizing spray and blow drying with a round brush for a messy effect.

Aura Garrido – Gradual Bob Style

The gradual bob style is an excellent option for women with short hair who want a cool and individual look. Whether with side-swept bangs or full bangs, this low-maintenance style turns heads. Experimenting with fashion colors on a pixie cut is also trendy and attention-grabbing.

Zendaya – Short Styles and Versatility

Zendaya, known for her lengthy hair, also appreciates the versatility of short styles like her mesmerizing coral blunt bob with bangs. She recently sported this look while shooting a promotional clip for the movie Dune, with Betty Boop-inspired finger waves and a glossy wet-look finish.

’90s Inspired Bob with Bangs

Singer Avery Leong’s choppy blonde bob with bangs captures the fierce style of the ’90s. This look exudes bold beauty and embodies the spirit of that decade.

These cute short haircuts for women in 2020 inspire individuals looking to try new styles and rock their short hair confidently.